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Never Tried Yoga? Five Poses You Can Do Right Now!

So you’re curious about yoga. Maybe you have a friend who loves it. Or maybe you’ve heard about the awesome benefits. You want to know what all the hype is about but haven’t yet given it a try. After all, you can’t put your legs behind your head and have no idea what the word namaste means.

When I tell people I’m a yoga teacher, most people respond with something like “I’ve always wanted to try yoga but I’m not flexible.” Or, “I’ve always wanted to try yoga but I don’t want to go to a class and embarrass myself.” If you think this way too, know that you’re not alone!

But the beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced right here, right now. With no need to leave your house, even just a tiny space in your bedroom is good enough. No mat? No problem. Even a shower towel will work!

Give these poses a try and you’ll see that you don’t need to be pretzel shaped to be a yogi.

1. Tree Pose

Benefits of the pose: improves balance and focus and strengthens the thighs and abdominal region.

 2. Prayer Twist

Benefits of the pose: Creates flexibility in the spine, squeezes and cleans the internal organs and strengthens thighs and back muscles.

 3. Warrior 2

Benefits of the pose:Opens hips, strengthens and stretches the legs and increases the heart rate.

 4. Triangle

Benefits of the pose: Strengthens the inner thighs, firms up the core and opens the shoulders.

 5. Dancer’s Pose

Benefits of the pose: Improves stability, strengthens the calves and thighs and opens the hips.

Keep in mind that even the most dedicated yogis started out by simply testing out a few basic yoga poses. So go ahead, give it a try!


A special thank you to Moksha Yoga for the videos and useful tips

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