New Artist Alert: Samantha Testa

In terms of getting a head start in her career, Samantha Testa is coming out on top.

Samantha Testa

She’s already worked with P!nk’s producer Damon Elliot before her 20th birthday, and this is just the beginning of what the YouTube phenomenon has been up to. Her new single “Billy” has already grabbed the attention of new fans across the country.

Faze couldn’t resist asking Samantha a few questions about what it’s like to be an artist.

What made you decide to upload videos onto YouTube?

I thought YouTube would be a great place for people to see my music because most of us spend all of our time on the computer, so might as well share my stuff and get some feedback from strangers to see what I’m doing right and what I could improve on. As well it’s a great way for people around the world to hear you!

What is one piece of advice you wished someone gave you before pursuing a musical career?

That’s a tough question; lots of people have warned me about the challenges and the work required to succeed. I wish more people were positive and would just say, “Keep it up: everything will work out.” But I think the advice people have given me has proved to be more valuable than anything else. Sometimes you need to hear that you gotta push yourself to make it, because if you don’t work hard for something, you’ll never accomplish anything.

What is one important thing to remember when you are just about to head on stage to perform?

I’ll say two: the first is to breath and the second is just to go out and have fun–make every show like it’s your last.

Who has been the biggest influence on your music?

There have been many, many artists who have influenced my music: anyone from Nirvana, The Beatles, Queen, all the way to Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson & P!nk. Each artist has taught me to just speak and write about what you feel, to be yourself and to just trust your own instincts. You shouldn’t be afraid to just be yourself. They are all original and it’s what’s made them who they are today. I feel like its crucial to take in as much music from everywhere as much as possible, because you can learn from everything.

Was there ever a time where you lost your passion for music and doubted your talents?

There are and will probably always be times when my faith will be a little low; it’s a tough industry and it’s more work than anyone can imagine But it’s just a matter of staying confident in what you’re doing and what you have to offer and keeping your eyes focused on the road ahead.

If you weren’t pursuing a career in music, what job would you want to do?

I have always had a growing interest in being a writer, as well as a fascination for archaeology. So, if I wasn’t pursuing music I’d probably be in school working to achieve one of those two careers.

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