New Artist Brendn: Who I Want To Be

This Canadian artist has come a long way from selling CD’s from his bedroom to sharing the stage with great artists like My Name Is Kay, Eleven Past One and Jesse Labelle.

We first got a glimpse of Brendn’s power-pop sound when we heard his single “Make Out With Me,” which had tons of girls singing and dancing along to his insanely catchy tune.

Brave New World, Brendn’s first EP, shows off his creative side with a rap single, reggae single and a piano ballad. “I like a lot of different genres. When I listen to something, I tend to take little pieces of different genres and throw it all together,” he says.


Brendn told Faze that he planned on releasing another EP during the summer of 2013 and here it is! Having recently been influenced by Frank Ocean and Kid Cuddi, Brendn plans on having more of a hip-hop vibe. “I think it’s always good to change your music from the traditional style,” he says. “You can expect a lot of new music.”

Make sure you grab a copy of Brendn’s latest acoustic EP called Who I Want To Be, which is out now!

Brendn holding a recent issue of Faze Magazine

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