Meeting New Faces In Everyday Places

Meeting new people doesn’t have to be complicated; consider the untapped resources nearby, and finding your next new friend might be easier than you think.

Let’s face it, meeting new people and developing meaningful friendships can be a daunting, awkward, and anxiety-provoking experience. Gone are the days when you found your best friend on the playground after simply agreeing on a favourite colour. Fast forward from that simpler time to today’s over-scheduled, fast-paced, online world where meeting people and shaping new relationships is a real challenge.

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Whether you’re attending a new school, are new in town, or you just feel the need to make a fresh connection, here are some fun ideas to get you meeting new people in your community.

Join a school club or association

Your school is a mosaic of unique, interesting people and you’re one of them. Explore the various groups and activities available to students and see what peaks your interest.

Check out the nearby community centre

Most community centres offer an amazing selection of programs for reasonable fees. Take a dance class, sign up for a language course, or enrol in a photography workshop to meet people with similar interests living in your neighbourhood. 

Hit the gym

Instead of your usual solo workout on the treadmill, change up your routine and take a fitness class. Chances are you’ll see the same members each week and quite possibly Zumba, spin or downward dog your way toward a healthy friendship.

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Become a volunteer

Volunteer work allows you to give back to your community while meeting awesome, caring people just like you! Food banks, soup kitchens, animal shelters and hospitals are just a few places to consider. 

Sign up for a book club

Connect with fellow book-lovers at your local library or book store, and share thoughts and opinions on the latest read. Discussion groups make for great ice-breakers.

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Visit the dog park

Let your four-legged friend guide you to another friendly pet owner. Perhaps you’ll hit it off with a fellow dog lover and plan future visits to the park together.

Google your favourite retailers

From crafting to yoga, to do-it-yourself projects, various retailers offer in-store classes that create the opportunity to meet new people while doing something you enjoy. Search the web to find out what events or classes are available. Sometimes they’re even FREE!

Join a sports team

Being part of a team instantly links you to others. Playing a sport is not only an enjoyable form of exercise; it also allows the chance to bond in a relaxed, social environment. Check to see if your area has a sport and social club which host both sporting and social events.

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Get a Part-Time Job

Your job may be a source of untapped potential as far as meeting new friends is concerned. One way to discover if someone shares your ethics and attitude is to work with them. If someone is a pleasure to work with, they are likely to be someone you’d enjoy spending your free time with.

Hopefully, you are now inspired to explore the various places and activities in your community that might lead you to new friendships. By doing things you already love to do or by trying something unfamiliar, meeting people doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating.

Get out there, be yourself, and let the friend-making commence.

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