New Kids On The Scene: 1st Class

Mitchell Nugent and rapper Why Jay E, 1st Class

Made up of vocalist Mitchell Nugent and rapper Why Jay E, 1st Class is a young, up-and-coming Toronto duo hoping to dive into the music industry and get their name out there. After finding each other online, the two 19-year-olds joined forces to create a fresh sound that brings together their backgrounds of country, pop and rap music.

They debuted at Canadian Music Week, opening up a showcase featuring Ben Zamora, Aspire, D-Pryde and Crystalyne at Adelaide Hall.

“We just want to enter the music scene with a bang,” says Why Jay E. “We want to make a good impression.”

The duo released a cover of the MKTO hit “Classic” on YouTube and has quickly gained a fan base through social media.

“We’re working on so much stuff and we want to showcase who we are and what we can really do,” says Mitchell.

They advise other young people to put themselves out there if they want to break into the music industry. “If you have a passion for it, keep pursuing it.”

When asked to describe 1st Class in one word, both guys answered: “Ambitious.” They’re working hard on producing new music in the studio and they’re hoping to drop an EP this summer.

Check out their cover of MKTO’s “Classic”

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