New Music Alert: Mother Mother

They’ve got new music and a new look and they’re bringing their sound to stages across the globe.


Vancouver-based band Mother Mother stopped by Toronto for a show at The Kool Haus and delivered a killer set.

When it comes to performing, they aim to keep the energy up and get people up on their feet—no empty pauses for this five-piece group. “There’s a lot of peaks and valleys and it’s very fluid. We like to try to bridge the gap between songs, so there’s not a lot of dead space,” says the band’s front man Ryan. “We don’t like the awkward silences.” Their hit tracks including “The Stand” and “Bit By Bit” definitely keep the audience moving.


Made up of Ryan, Molly, Jasmin, Jeremy and Ali, the band recently released their fourth album, The Sticks, which is different than any of the others before it. “I think it’s unique because it’s the first record that really reiterates a message,” says Ryan. “It kind of centres around the theme of protesting the modern world and simplifying one’s approach to survival and not depending on gadgetry.”

Being a musician in this technological era has been a challenge for Mother Mother, but they’ve been learning how to embrace it as an additional tool in spreading their creative talents. “It hasn’t been easy,” says Ryan, “but I think we’re optimistic and we have a good attitude about it.”

And for the band, music is an escape from reality, which is the main motivation behind why they continue making songs and touring. “I find life kind of boring in most other regards. Getting up, having a shower, putting clothes on…and all these other things we do to preoccupy ourselves,” says Ryan. “I don’t find music as a preoccupancy; I find it a total connected state of being to the moment. That’s why I keep doing it.”

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Mother Mother with Faze reporter Christina Dun
Mother Mother with Faze reporter Christina Dun

Here’s the video for The Stand from Mother Mother


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