New Starbucks Smoothies!


Just in time for the warmer weather, our favourite coffee chain launched their new line of Evolution Fresh Smoothies as part of their Greek yogurt partnership with Danone.

Before you get too excited, the three new flavours – Strawberry, Mango Carrot and Sweet Greens–are not available in Canada. I repeat, not available in the great North!

We just want Starbucks Canada to know that we support the new smoothie flavours (and you can get them with adds on like kale or protein shots! Yummy and delicious is always a winning combo) so please, please, please bring these flavours past the North boarders to that we can indulge in delicious, Greek yogurt infused smoothies, with a bit of kale, all summer long.

If you’re heading south of the boarder anytime after May 2015, grab a new Starbucks smoothie with a shot of kaleyour body will thank you later.



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