New Zealand Band Evermore Comes To Canada


What do you get when three super cute brothers from New Zealand (by way of Australia) form a band? The cool rock sounds of Evermore and their debut album Dreams, which landed in Canada this past summer. The Hume brothers—Dann, Jon, and Peter—took time out of their hectic schedule to sit down and chat about Dreams and Real Life, their sophomore disc, which lands in Canada at the beginning of 2007.

According to Jon, the band’s main songwriter, while Dreams is more of an atmospheric album, Real Life is more about each individual song. “They’re quite different, but complementary,” he says. And how do three brothers manage to work and play together? “People say, ‘I can’t believe that you’re in a band with your brothers,’ and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe that you’re in a band with random people,’” jokes Dann. “We’re all really different people, so we don’t really clash a lot,” adds Jon.

The Band: The Kiwi band of brothers, Evermore, who count The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, the Police, and The Who (their dad’s fave band) as major influences.

Right now: After putting the finishing touches on their second album, Evermore came to North America to promote their first album. (Confusing, yes, but that’s the music industry for ya!)

Coming up: Unfortunately, we have to wait until January to enjoy Real Life (Evermore fans overseas get to hear it first). For now, dig into the sweet sounds ofDreams, the boys’ first album.

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