Newcomer Kandle Steps Into The Spotlight


Although this west coast 21-year-old songstress has a music legend for a father, Kandle is breaking into the music industry on her own terms. After moving to Montreal last summer from her hometown in British Columbia, she has been performing not only throughout Canada, but also on international stages. Last month, she opened for Coeur de Pirate for shows in France and Switzerland, bringing her soulful voice and dark, mysterious songs overseas.

“We were very well received over there and the French were so nice and welcomed us with open arms wherever we went,” says Kandle. “People were so into it and it was a great experience.”

Back here in Canada, she has been performing and promoting her solo EP, which she had wanted to bring to life for a while. “I just had this secret collection of songs I’ve been working on that I really wanted to keep for myself,” she says. “I kept saying, ‘One day I’m going to make this EP, you’ll all see!’”


And that she did. With the help of her father, Neil Osborne—front man of the iconic band 54-40—she has released an impressive piece of work that reflects her song-writing ability and passion.

So what is it like to work so closely with family? “Not only working with family is nice, but working with someone that you completely trust and you love is also great,” says Kandle. “We recorded it in my house, so I could just wake up in my sweatpants and go downstairs to record; I didn’t even have to get dressed, which was nice.”


She’s hoping to do another European tour later this year, but until then will just keep “continuing to play and build.”

We’re looking forward to hearing more from this young Canadian talent!

Check out Kandle’s music here.

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