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Nine West Spring/ Summer 2017 Collection

We had a chance to check out the The Nine West Spring/Summer 2017 collection at a special viewing in Toronto, and it was everything a girl could ask for! Riding up the Ritz-Carlton hotel elevator to the 12th floor, greeted with fruit-infused water and fruity cocktails really set the tone for what we were about to see. We were soon gawking over this season’s tropical themes, vibrant colours and pops of contrasting fabrics! I cannot suppress the excitement I have for this new line!

Nine West Spring/ Summer Preview

Modern Ballet

The Modern Ballet pastel collection rides on all things girly. From classic slip ons with added touches of dainty ruffles, and macaroons, and heels with 3 different types of textures- this collection really rides on the idea of the soft palette contrasted by hard edges. Today’s girlboss…today’s busy chick who never forgets to stop and smell the flowers.

Modern Ballet

Here you see a gray and nude heel on the table to the left of the cupcakes, with suede wrapping around the ankle, and a shiny nude toe strap and thick heel. The heel also halves into a glass combo which really brings about this curiosity and enticement.

Ballet-style Loafers

These loafers were my absolute favourite piece from this collection. They are so practical, and professional that I can finally set aside my booties and slip a pair of these on to really have a hold of some versatility. The pointed toe, the ruffled tongue–love, love, love.

Ballet heel

What I found really cool about this piece, that really speaks to the “Modern Ballet” theme, is that not only is it a classic, dainty nude heel that we would just throw the word “must-have” all over, but it speaks to your needs! The wrap around band is not only so ballet chic, but it is also removable. Two shoes in one. How crazy.

Modern Ballet Collection


Obviously with all things light and airy come springtime, gold leaves and gold-painted pineapples and all things both crisp and attention grabbing. From patterned, threaded chunky heels to bright pops of colour throughout, the tropical theme was so fun! It will definitely be something to look forward to, come next season, as we rid ourselves of the winter blues, and wish to be sun-kissed and decked out in all things vibrant and warm.

Tropical Theme

“Turn up the heat and get ready to celebrate. A vivid mix of eclectic florals and jewel-toned leather, this high-octane collection captures a riot of tropical colour. Pumps bring the wow factor coupled with details such as lively patterns. Tropical print backpacks, novelty slogan canvas totes and two strap totes round out the collection to capture the exuberance of the moment.” 

Bright heels and palm leaves

tropical collection
tropical collection

Artisan Festival

Into the next room, was not only an elegant cheese and meat platter, as you all know are my absolute favourite (thankfully they packed us up some for it to bring home with us), were arrays of shoes of different themes. So versatile, so chic, so practical and statement at the same time. They really took pride on the mix of materials they were able to put together to compliment and contrast nicely on each shoe. Definitely THE collection that struck out to me most as I find every reason to ride on the earthy tones, the delicate fabrics, the intricate handiwork– true craftsmanship was so evident within this collection that I practically drooled at the sight of it, and not just over the cheeses.

artisan festival theme

 “Inspired by Artisan craftsmanship from around the globe, this collection of natural-looking leathers, manipulated fabrics and wooden stacked heels act as an earthy palette for semi-precious cabochon stone and stud embellishments, braids and fringe edge details add touches of handiwork to casual sandals. Handbags get crafty, too: bucket bags with semi-precious dome studs, slouchy hobos and guitar strap saddle bags are proof it’s all in the details.”

embellished heels

multiple materials on heel

multiple materials on heel

Here, take note of the fabrics making up the heel. We see patterns of a silver metallic material, with skins, and classic black and brown leathers against the base of the nude heel. What a treat! And of course, with all comes the all black version to make us feel a little less crazy, and a little more grounded.

artisan festival theme

cheese platter

 Valentine’s Day

Of course they thought of February, the month of love. How could you come up with a spring/ summer preview without addressing the month in which sets off the season?

Valentines Theme

In the bathroom was a tub full of bubbles and rose petals, elegantly set up beneath the Valentine’s Collection coming out early next year. Let’s all channel our inner Carrie Bradshaws and dress the part for every event. Let’s grab the heart covered heels and wait for the heart eyes to follow, because these shoes are more than deserving.

Valentine Collection


Speaking of Carrie Bradshaw, the opening up of this closet, led to all things Sex and the City style. From metallic, pointy-toe loafers, to Manolo Blahnik inspired embellishments, I- quite expectedly- fell in love.

Metallic shoes


Metallic shoes



Denim is, and always will be in. So, why not surrender now and just get a full denim bag, and a pair of denim shoes already. Denim on denim, on denim on denim. Let’s get to it!

Denim Collection

Denim Collection

For more from the Nine West Spring/ Summer preview, why not check out Nine West themselves! You can find more on instagram at @ninewest!

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