Is Online Bingo The New Way Forward For A Girls’ Night In?

Let’s be honest, there are challenges involved in planning the perfect girls’ night in. You have to make sure everyone has their drink of choice, strike the right balance with food between healthy snacks and indulgent treats and of course plan the most important part of all: the entertainment; making sure everyone is able to relax and have a bit of fun without always resorting to the easy (and tempting) option of watching the latest Ryan Gosling movie!

Bingo: put your smartphone and laptop to good use 

One way to make your girls’ night stand out is by making the most of the fact that everyone nowadays has a laptop or a smartphone. Yes, of course you can spend the evening indulging your love of silly faces with Snapchat selfies but a new twist on an old classic can make your girly gatherings more sociable and exciting.

bingo balls

If you think back to high school, one of the best bits of math lessons was of course when you got to play bingo. Nowadays, you can quickly download onto your smartphone or go online to play bingo games that are genuinely engaging and don’t involve sitting in a cold bingo hall. And importantly, all the social benefits of being able to interact with other players and mark off your numbers as they come up are still there. Perhaps best of all, there’s no need to wait until the next bingo session or to join a queue out in the December cold; you can play bingo now and just get going with your friends.

Where’s best to play?

William Hill offer a range of games to choose from, including 75, 80 or 90 ball bingo games and the chance to socialize with like-minded players. With your girlfriends, especially if you were friends at school, this is a great online environment in which to enjoy the fun of playing bingo, bringing back that nostalgia of the laughs you had when hanging out after class.

Games can be quick to play, and nobody will need to hang around working out if they have won a line or got a full house, and this quick-fire fun could even signal the start of a new trend among your friends, especially as you can carry on the entertainment after the night is over if some of your friends have to leave early but still want to take part in the fun from home.

Carrying through the bingo theme

You can even expand the bingo theme and carry it through to food and drink. For instance, you could order a batch of cupcakes with symbols on hinting at some of the most popular bingo calls. Sophie’s Signature Creations in Toronto create customized cupcakes for customers that could, for instance, feature two little ducks on top.

duck cupcake

With all this in mind, there’s no reason why online bingo can’t be the new way forward for a girls’ night in, especially when combined with some great laughs, the chance to win some money, and the fact that you can still enjoy a few drinks with your friends and pop a film on or even resort to good old fashioned conversation whilst you enjoy the games.

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