Top Online Games For Canadian Female Players

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Canada is one of the countries with the harshest weather conditions on the planet. Summers can be warm, and they represent the time when everyone is outside, enjoying Canada’s breathtaking natural landscape. 

Still, summer is only a couple of months long, which is why Canadians spend most of the remaining months at home. Canadian women, in particular, spend a lot of time inside due to the many chores they complete throughout the day.

Often tired at the end of the day, they prefer to relax by taking a long bath or playing some interesting online games. And since many people still think that playing games is strictly reserved for men, we decided to break the myth and reveal the games Canadian women play equally often and equally well as men.

Slot Games

The list of the most popular online games can’t exist anywhere in the world without mentioning online slots. Moreover, today there are so many websites that offer a selection of free slot machines suitable for female players.

Now don’t get us wrong — we’re not saying that there is a strict division between games for men and women. Of course, both sexes can play any game they find amusing. Yet, we can’t deny that women more frequently choose free online slot games with more subtle themes.

For example, the Cleopatra slot is highly favoured among female players, probably because the leading character is a female ruler. Other than that, Canadian women often choose slot games with fairies and animals rather than the ones with gorillas and scary creatures.

We’ve only mentioned a few titles in this text, but if you look for these games, you’ll come across many different free slots with very creative themes that will keep you occupied for quite some time. A good way to start your online gaming journey is to look for free vegas slots on Slotomania, as their collection is truly amazing.


Free online bingo is another web-based game Canadian women adore. Apart from its well-known straightforward gameplay, the main advantage of this game is that it can keep its social aspect due to the chat option these platforms provide.

Even though you’re at home and don’t feel like putting on several layers of clothes to go out, you can still play this game with your friends online. The only thing all of you need to do is look for the same free online bingo platform and create a free account there. After that, you just need to log in, and you’ll be able to participate in the same game while also talking to each other using the chat.

If you’re worried you might miss any number, simply turn on the Autoplay option, and you’ll be sorted out for the night.

Video Poker

Believe it or not, women are extremely successful in card games such as poker. Especially when it comes to Canadian women that spend a lot of time at home — you can expect them to become real professionals in this game.

If you’re wondering whether this game can also be played for free, we’ve got some good news. You can find free versions of video poker online that can be useful for practising all you know about this game.

Now imagine how cool it is to have several women playing poker against each other, and you’ll never think of poker as a male-only game again!

What Game Is the Best for Female Players?

Whenever we have several options to choose from, the dilemma is always present — which option is the best and how can I know whether it is the right thing for me? In this case, we’ll stop right there and let you know that there’s no right or wrong choice.

The best way to choose the perfect online game is to try a few and see which one is most interesting to you. Once you find one that seems more appealing than all the others, play it as long as you find it interesting. The moment it becomes boring, simply look for another one, since the web is full of great online games women adore.

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