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How Online Invites Can Help You Prepare For Your Next Event

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It’s a birthday! It’s a wedding! It’s an office retirement party! There are plenty of opportunities to celebrate with your friends, family, and even coworkers. With all that fun comes the work of planning, and inviting, and putting it all together. There are so many details, and so much work to make sure it’s successful and enjoyable for everyone. 

Where do you start first? With the invitation list, of course. No party is worth it if people don’t attend. So, how many people are you inviting? How many invitations do you need to buy. How long will it take you to fill in the party information, then address the envelopes, and finally mail them out? It’s exhausting work, but what else are you going to do? 

You have another option. You can easily prepare for your next event by using online invitations instead of paper ones. It’s a step above the ordinary way to invite your friends and family and coworkers easily and efficiently to the next celebration you may be sponsoring. 

Preparing For Your Event With Online Invites

If you’ve never thought of this before, read on to find out how online invites can actually help you to prepare for your event and make your life easier in the long run. With platforms like Greenvelope to guide you along, you can invite all your guests with ease and efficiency. 


One of the greatest things about online invites is that they come in a variety of colors, themes, designs, and fonts for any of your celebration needs. Simply by choosing your format and entering your information, you can design your own invitation according to your personal preference. Check out all the options for your invitation and then pick the one that best fits your style, your purpose, and your budget. 

If you’re stumped as to what kind of invitation to design or create, just ask for help. Many of these companies that produce online invitations can assist you with whatever you need help with. They can even make something personalized, just for your particular occasion. 

Send More Invites

With the ability to send out invites online, you can invite more people in a shorter amount of time. Because all of your information will be entered on the computer, you only have to press a few buttons to send out as many invitations as you want to. You can invite all your family members, your friends, and people who know you to attend your event with a simple tap of your finger. 

If you’re hosting a work event or if you’re sponsoring a fundraiser, this is also a great way to get new people interested in your event. When you send out an online invitation, you have the chance to contact people who wouldn’t otherwise be on your list or in your immediate circle. There’s also the possibility that some people don’t respond well to phone calls or letters. When you send an online invite, you’re able to reach people who are regularly on their computer and who can respond quicker. It’s a great way to get your message out to a larger audience. 

For those who work in event coordinating, this method helps create awareness, advertise special occasions, and alert people to any change in the itinerary. 

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Save Money

When you use online invitations, you are guaranteed to save yourself money and time. With standard paper invites, you’re responsible for buying the numerous amounts of invites needed. You also have to buy any response cards that may be needed, and provide the stamps to go on the envelopes and the response envelopes. That amount of money can drain your budget. Just think what that would cost if your event were for more than 300 people! 

By using online invites, you save yourself all that cash in exchange for a minimal fee. Even better, there are businesses on the internet that offer free online invitations. You only need to do a bit of research to find out which ones are available. 

Not only will you save yourself money, but you’ll also be saving yourself the aggravation of driving everywhere to mail out the invitations and then wondering if any got lost in the process. With online invitations, you know immediately if the invite was sent and received. You can even find out when your guest opened it. Knowing this and keeping track of all this information can be extremely calming when there is so much else to worry about instead. 

Efficient Tracking

What’s great about online invitations is that you can track all your guests’ responses to your invitation. You can find out when they received it, when they opened it, and if they RSVP’d. Some platforms also make it easier for you to keep an account of personal information regarding food preferences, allergies, and any other pertinent data for your event. 

You can also inform your guests quickly and efficiently if a problem arises with parking, or inclement weather, or a sudden change of location. All this information is available to you immediately. 

With everything else you have to worry about when coordinating an event, it’s nice to know that there’s something that can ease your mind when it comes to contacting your guests. 


When it comes to planning an event, there are so many things that can go wrong, but inviting people doesn’t have to be one of them. Using online invitations takes a lot of the stress away and can help keep you peaceful in the midst of it all. With the different styles and formats that are available, and all the companies that support online invitations, you can easily put this amazing tool to work for you. 

Though the formatting may have become more updated, invitations are still important when planning for a big event. They build up excitement and anticipation and are generally used to inform people of all the necessary details. Don’t worry about having to write out every single card or envelope. Your event that can run smoothly and successfully by employing online invites. 

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