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How To Organize Your Craft Supplies With Storage Cabinets

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Are you an artist or an aspiring crafts specialist? If you love crafts, organizing and storing your materials can be problematic. You might find yourself surrounded by scraps and piles of your art supplies and items that you don’t want to dispose of just yet.

Having these collections of art supplies means you need to have good storage for all of them. This may be a problem if you live in a small space. So, here are some craft storage tips and solutions to help organize your crafts.

Use a Craft Cabinet

It can be an effective organizing strategy to rely on your own craft cabinet. The good thing about having this type of Cabinet is closing the cabinet doors and easily hiding your craft supplies in this furniture. Choose a corner storage cabinet also, so that your craft cabinet doesn’t get in the way. In this manner, you can keep and store your craft supplies in any area of your home, even in unlikely places like your bedroom or dining area nooks and crannies.

How to Maintain Your Craft Cabinet

Take a look at your craft supplies

Keep storage containers of different sizes that you will need to house your craft materials. Hide your messy supplies by adding a mini cabinet door. Create labels on the edge of your Cabinet. This way, you can easily remember which things you put in there.

Sort your craft supplies

Start with the most accessible materials. For instance, if organizing paper supplies is the easiest for you, lay these materials in piles and get rid of the materials you have not been using. You can use a giant box to store the materials you can donate or get rid of.

All your craft supplies should be sorted and organized. Because of that, you need to bring out and take a look at all of your items. You should gauge and determine how much you need and how much you can dispose of.

Keep similar supplies in one place

Collect similar supplies so that you can place these separately from the rest. This helps to organize things neatly. If you have markers and pencils in one place, you can separate those into jars. With this, you can quickly get the materials you need without going through the whole other writing supplies.

It would help if you also had a work table where you can do your crafts

This is usually a regular table with a big flat surface. Working with crafts means relying on many supplies from time to time. That’s why it’s best if you buy a table with built-in storage like cabinets or drawers underneath the flat surface. This makes it easier for you to grab the materials you typically use without having to rummage through your craft cabinet.

Consider having a mobile craft cart

A storage cart with wheels provides mobility and added functionality in your room. You can use it as storage for your most-used supplies for your project. Instead of transferring things from cabinet to table or vice versa, you can quickly just move the cart to your preferred room. If you can only have a limited space to store your craft supplies, you can use a craft storage cart. You could place baskets in your cart to keep all your craft at your fingertips.

Other Helpful Tips

As you organize your craft supplies, sorting the items you need and others you have to get rid of, it’s vital that you label all the containers. Labeling is also a practical way to sort your supplies. It enables you to remember what’s in your containers and drawers and can make it creative at the same time. You can enjoy organizing your craft supplies in this way because you’re turning the sorting process into a craft as well.

Keeping things simple is always practical. Select limited colors; ideally, one or two in your storage, may it be a cart, cabinet, or drawers. It also makes your crafts and surroundings look organized, neat, and calm.

Make use of all the available space you have. You can install wall-mounted shelves or desks. These are easy to make storage for your small craft items. A wall-mounted rack keeps your materials hanging onto the wall so they can be readily available when you need them. It can save space and budget because you can make a wall-mounted desk by yourself, so there’s no need to buy a large cabinet or cart.

Aside from a wall-mounted rack, you can also repurpose a cabinet desk. You can save money by simply placing your old cabinets together and tabletop a big piece of plywood on top of these cabinets.


Crafting is a fun thing to do, but it can also involve much-demanding work. As you collect craft materials, you might end up having lots of craft supplies that can get messy. Organizing your craft supplies can be fun and easy by following the tips you read about here.

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