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Tips To Organize Your Home Office So It’s Comfortable To Work In

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The coronavirus pandemic forced many people to switch to a remote working mode for the first time, although many freelancers had worked in this way well before the pandemic. If you have decided to work as a freelancer or have joined a group of employees who have been transferred to remote work, then you will have to think about creating a comfortable workplace at home. Below, we share with you seven effective tips on organizing a workspace at home.

1. Create the Same Atmosphere as in Your Main Office

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If you used to work in the office, but circumstances forced you to work at home, then the whole algorithm of actions should be the same. Start your working day at a certain time, take a coffee break after several hours of work, print documents if you are more used to paper versions, turn on the radio, etc. You may also need to transfer your correspondence to your personal laptop with the help of outlooktransfer. The more accurately the atmosphere of the office in your home is recreated, the easier and more productive it will be to work there.

2. Don’t Work in Your Bed

Lying down with a laptop on your lap relaxes and distracts you from work. Besides, the brain ceases to distinguish where a workplace or a recreation area is. As a result, you will not be able to fully relax and fall asleep. It is better to stay in the living room or even on the terrace if there is one.

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​​3. The Workplace Should Be Well Lit

Place a table near a window, or even make a working place just on a window sill. Let natural light help you during the day, and in the evening, switch on a table lamp with cold light.

4. Choose a Comfortable Chair

A kitchen chair or a sofa is not suitable for sitting on them for hours, and they will not help to create a business environment. An excellent option would be a computer chair with an adjustable backrest position and seat depth.

5. All Devices and Objects Necessary for Work Should Be at Hand

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Place a printer under the table or window sill, buy a special organizer for pens, select a shelf or desktop drawer for folders with papers. Do not forget about the wastebasket: it should also find a place. To keep the working atmosphere, do not allow disorder on the desktop.

6. Hang the List of Tasks in Front of Your Eyes

You can simply attach a to-do list to the wall above the desktop, or hang a magnetic board to make notes – any of these options will be ok. Moreover, you can keep your notes divided by color: pink – for high-priority cases, yellow – for those that can wait, green – for routine daily tasks.

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​​7. Put a Photo of Your Close People on Your Desktop

Such an element will not be superfluous at all, but on the contrary, its presence will help reduce stress levels and give a feeling of peace and comfort.

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