Osheaga Music Festival 2013: Interview with C2C


Osheaga this year was full of brand new performers who were making their debut on the stages at Jean Drapeau Park. Many were from overseas, including French turntablist band C2C. Made up of DJ Greem, DJ Pfel, 20syl and DJ Atom, the group came together during high school and eventually realized they had the talent and passion to turn their teenage hobby into an exciting career.

For many, the term “turntablism” is fairly uncommon, so for those who aren’t sure, it’s a technique using record turntables and a mixer as instruments. “C2C music is a mix between vintage sound and more organic music. It’s a more electronic and modern sound in the beats as well,” says DJ Pfel. “So it’s a crossover between the past and future.“

C2C with intern Christina Dun
C2C with Faze reporter Christina Dun

In addition to their time as C2C, the group has multiple side projects. Greem and 20syl joined together as Hocus Pocus, meanwhile Pfel and Atom began making music as Beat Torrent. They eventually found time to record and release Tetra, their first album as C2C.  It features catchy, upbeat tracks including “Happy” and “Down The Road.” You can’t help but get up out of your seat and dance along.

And that’s definitely what happens during their live shows. They put a unique twist on the traditional DJ stage presence. “We manipulate the vinyl and the video. There’s lots of interaction between the sound and the visual. It’s storytelling with four different shapes,” says DJ Pfel. “We also move on stage. We try to break all the DJ codes and not stay behind the tables.”

They were the closing performance of the second night on the Sennheiser Green Stage and they had a hyped-up crowd, plus fireworks.

They are continuing to tour around the globe and getting their name out there.

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