Osheaga Music Festival 2013: Interview with Frank Turner

Like clockwork, Frank has managed to master the art of working on the go and entertaining music fans across the globe.

Originally from the UK, Frank had his second year at Osheaga (his first being back in 2010). This year, he changed it up by bringing along his band, The Sleepless Souls, adding that extra energy on stage. “I’m excited for us to do our thing. We’re a good live band and we’ve done so many festivals in our time—I remember one summer we did 27 festivals in the UK alone,” says Frank. “We know how to do festivals.”

Frank describes himself as a workaholic and it shows. He recently released his fifth album, Tape Deck Heart, which features hit tracks including “Four Simple Words” and “Recovery.” This record is “a bit more raw and exposed” than his previous works, and he’s glad his fans are happy with it.

Over his years in the music industry, Frank has learned a lot. “Self-reliance is probably the main thing that being on tour has taught me,” he says. “The ability to just land on your feet pretty much anywhere and don’t depend on safety nets or other people.”

Frank Turner at Osheaga, with intern Christina Dun
Frank Turner at Osheaga, with Faze reporter Christina Dun

He grew up dreaming of being where he is today. “I spent my teenage years telling everyone I was going to be in a band and everybody laughed at me,” he says. “Lots and lots of people want to be a musician, but not that many of them get to make a long-time career out of it. I’m still slightly hesitant to say whether I’ll be able to do this for the rest of my life, but it kind of feels like it’s getting that way now.”

He is grateful for such enthusiastic fans, which have become more like a community. They show their appreciation in many different ways, from getting Frank Turner tattoos to sending him amazing gifts. “People give me a lot of brownies. I love chocolate brownies, they’re great,” he says. “People have given me crazy stuff and I’m always humbled by it.”

And as if he isn’t busy enough, he’s already written another album. “Part of me thinks I should possibly put it on ice and just think about it for a little while rather than just diving straight into it,” he says. “But then again, maybe not. We’ll see.”

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