Osheaga Music Festival 2013: Interview With Groenland


Music festivals are always a great experience because they bring together both big names and up-and-comers, giving fans an easy way to discover new artists.

For the first time ever, Montreal-based band Groenland got to see their name on this year’s Osheaga lineup amongst some of their own favourite artists. A bonus? They got to perform on their own home turf. “It was hard to believe. I thought maybe if everything went well, maybe next year, if we’re lucky,” says Sabrina Halde, the band’s lead singer. “So, this was a surprise.”

Originally formed by Sabrina Halde (vocals, ukulele, keyboards and percussions) and Jean-Vivier Levesque (keyboards and programming), the pair decided to add more people to the group. They found Jonathan Charette (drums), Simon Gosselin (bass), Gabrielle Girard-Charest (cello) and Fanny C. Laurin (violin) to complete the band. With six members who all have something different to offer, they’ve managed to find a way to incorporate them all into a unique sound that they can call their own.

Earlier this year, Groenland released their debut album, The Chase, which was produced by Philippe B and Guido Del Fabbro. Featuring calm melodies like “Daydreaming”—which happens to be Jean-Vivier’s favourite track off the album—to more upbeat songs such as “Criminals” and “Superhero,” they showcase all the various instruments throughout the 12 songs.

They describe their live performance as full of energy, lots of fun, with a great connection between band members. We caught their live set on the Scène des Arbres Galaxie on the second day of the festival, and they were right. The stage was all-smiles; you could tell they were having a lot of fun. The crowd loved it.

At Osheaga with Groenland

They’ve come this far by going with their instincts. Sabrina says it’s best to “trust your gut” when it comes to music and following your dreams. “If you think that’s what you should do,” she says, “go all the way.” All it takes is persistence and passion. “Be hard on yourself,” adds Jean-Vivier.

They’ve got some exciting things lined up for this year, including shows all across Canada, plus a trip to France.

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