Osheaga Music Festival 2013: Interview with Oberhofer


As first-timers to Osheaga, the Brooklyn-based band Oberhofer played a killer set on the Virgin Mobile main stage on the opening day of this year’s festival. Made up of frontman Brad Oberhofer, Matt Scheiner on guitar and glockenspiel, Ben Roth on guitar, Pete Sustarsic on the drums and Dylan Treleven on bass (Dylan, however, had a replacement for this Osheaga set due to injury), the group was looking forward to being in Montreal and seeing the other performers, especially Ellie Goulding.

Oberhofer is a band of hilarious, down-to-earth guys who love their craft and are working hard to get their pop-rock music out into the world. This year has been an exciting one for them, as they released their Notalgia EP in the spring through Glassnote Records. This five-track EP draws from personal experiences and features songs including “Together/Never” and “Got Your Letter.”

They’ve come a long way since their New York University music scene days, playing bigger shows and even landing a gig on “The Late Night Show” with David Letterman. Being in the Big Apple has definitely been a beneficial experience for the guys. “In New York, you meet a lot more musicians every day,” says Brad. “You’re exposed to a greater variety of music and you have a different lifestyle.

Oberhofer at Osheaga with intern Christina Dun
Oberhofer with Faze reporter Christina Dun

So far, they’ve also gotten to travel to some pretty cool places, including one of their favourites Lisbon, Portugal. After playing here at Osheaga, Montreal has even made it onto their list of top cities to perform in.

These guys have grown together as a band over the years, bringing their chemistry to the stage. “It’s like a three-legged race,” says Matt. “We’re all just trying to hold on to each other and get there as quickly as we can.“

For any aspiring musicians out there, Oberhofer has some words of advice. “Just believe in yourself and work until you have something that you believe in. Don’t let other people influence whether or not you think that it’s good,” says Brad. “If your intuition is telling you it’s good, just believe in yourself.”

For more from Oberhofer, visit oberhofermusic on Twitter.

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