Osheaga 2012: Interview With Zeds Dead

As electronic dance music and dubstep continue to grow into becoming the go-to party genres, Canada is getting into it and coming out with tons of talent and huge hits.

One of which is Toronto duo known as Zeds Dead. Made up of DC and Hooks, these two have taken their music to the next level, with shows around the world and performing in festivals, such as Montreal’s Osheaga.

Recently, they teamed up with Omar LynX for their latest EP The Living Dead, which was released just this past July. It features four original mixes including “Take A Chance” and “Crank.”

zeds dead osheaga

At Osheaga, they performed an awesome set on the Electronic Stage on the first day of the festival and the crowd loved what they had to offer. As first-timers to the festival, these guys were excited to perform for the Osheaga crowd before heading out to Lollapalooza.

They dropped some new tracks, mixing it in with the old, and got everyone moving. “It’s all a big continuous experiment, just seeing what works and what doesn’t,” says Hooks. “You’ve got to try new things all the time.”

The guys hail from Toronto, a city full of up-and-coming talent and one of the biggest Canadian music hubs, and they love calling it their home. “Toronto is really up-to-date on stuff. We’re very in tune with that’s going on,” says Hooks. “We love living here and coming back to it,” adds DC.

One of their highlights of 2012 so far has been performing in their hometown, for a crowd at Dundas Square as a part of the Mad Decent Block Party. “That was definitely a special moment, just looking out in the crowd at Yonge and Dundas, where we’ve walked by so many times growing up,” says DC. “So to see it transformed into a rowdy concert venue was such a trip.”

zeds dead osheaga

They’ve come a long way and have taken the electronic music world by storm. And being able to collaborate with one another is one of the secrets to their success. As a duo, they make use of their creative differences and bring together their skills. “The most valuable thing for me about being a duo is having someone to bounce your stuff off and to critique you,” says DC. “If we can come to an agreement on something in the long run, it’s better to have two people on board.”

These guys are definitely living the dream and will continue to do what they love–and sometimes, even for them, it’s hard to believe.“It’s all crazy,” says Hooks.“The fact that we do this is crazy.”

For more from Zeds Dead, check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@whoszed).

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zeds dead osheaga
Faze reporter Christina Dun with Zeds Dead backstage at Osheaga

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