OutKast Releases New Double Album, And It’s Awesome

OutKast’s latest release, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, is the best 2-for-1 money can buy, but there are some who seem concerned by the emergence of two very separate CDs, as if it were a bad thing. Andre denies any rivalry between himself and Big Boi, “I don’t think it is a competition because we’re not trying to fight to get into the same door. I think we have totally different vibes and they compliment each other.”

Realizing fans would be waiting for a rap/hip hop album from OutKast, Andre says he hadn’t really planned to include his “singing stuff,” saying, “I didn’t even want to put this out to OutKast people. I was just going to do it as a side project.” With the success of the double album and Andre’s hit single, “Hey Ya,” there are surely no regrets.


One half of OutKast, here is the huge Andre3000 hit from the album, “Hey Ya”

Photo courtesy of Sony BMG

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