Part-Time Jobs To Consider If You’re Into People Watching

Not everyone is loving being cooped up in their own homes these days. The social animals among us are probably finding ways to connect virtually, and perhaps more than a few are bouncing off the walls a bit ready to break free and get back to hanging out and partying with friends and family in real life.

Some of us, whether extroverts or introverts, find we really enjoy watching people, especially interesting people as they do their thing. While these may not always be long-term career paths, they may be the part-time gig you need to make a little extra money and get your fix of people watching.

Work the door or be security at a concert venue

concert staff - part time job

Whether you’re collecting tickets at the entrance, or tasked with securing a door or special area, this is a great way to people watch. You’ll have all kinds, and depending on the shows at the venue, all ages and social classes. And to make things even more entertaining as an observer there may be varying levels of non-sobriety in your guests. If you’re lucky you may even get to rub shoulders with the celebrity performers and their crews.

Become a dealer at a casino

Monte Carlo

A friend of mine used to live in the South of France and said he’d go to the casinos there not to play but for the top notch people watching including royalty, celebrities, the world’s wealthiest people and countless interesting tourists and locals. As a dealer working at the tables, you can be yourself, serious, quiet or reasonably friendly while you observe all types of people and a wide range of human psychology at work.

To get into this one you’ll make sure your resume and record are squeaky clean, with some good references. And you’ll have to have practiced your card dealing skills. Watch courses online and spend some time in the virtual versions of your future workplace at an online casino in Canada to learn the different games that are typically played.

Work in a fancy club or restaurant

nightclub people party

You’ll likely fare better in these venues if you like chatting with people, although if you’re less social you may relegate yourself to clearing tables. The fancier the venue the better chance you’ll have juicier tips (even  bussing staff share in the tip pool) and the better your chances of seeing lots of interesting people and interactions.

Work at a convention centre or specific shows

cosplay people watching

You can choose to work at an actual convention centre and deal with a large range of shows and exhibitions. Or you can join up to work a specific show, festival or series of shows that particularly appeal to you. Into anime and cosplay? The people at these types of shows are absolutely fascinating to watch! Sign up early to be staff at the show you’re interested in, the more you have on your resume the more likely you’ll get more.

Life guard at the beach

lifeguard at the beach

Not an option for everyone as you need a beach and a reasonable climate. Of course you’ll also need to be a excellent swimmer and have taken the necessary life-saving courses. But to be honest, these are essential skills we should all have, so please consider working these into your personal development life plan sooner than later. But how great would it be to get paid to hang out at the beach and people watch?

Of course, you can be a lifeguard at a pool, and there are far more paying jobs indoors, but we’d opt for the Baywatch lifestyle if we had the choice.

Walk dogs

dog walker part-time jobs

If you love animals (come on, who doesn’t?) and don’t mind getting outside for a little exercise, consider becoming a dog walker. Who knows it might even turn into a successful business longer term. There is good money in this and there is a growing demand as people seem to have less time for long excursions. Hanging out at dog parks is a good way to cross paths with lots of interesting people. Although if you don’t like getting too chatty, remember that dogs are people magnets. Oh, and did we mention you’ll be picking up a lot of poop?

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