5 Peanut Butter Recipes You Need to Try

National Peanut Butter Day; a day when smooth and crunchy peanut butter lovers unite to celebrate the awesomeness that is peanut butter! On this sacred day, a PB&J sandwich just isn’t going to cut it. Here are five mouth-watering food creations that will truly make you appreciate the goodness of peanut butter.

1.Peanut butter chocolate chip bars

peanut butter chocolate chip bars

Learn how to make these from: Averie Cooks

2.Peanut butter balls

peanut butter balls

Learn how to make these from: Cakes Cottage

3.Chocolate peanut butter cup bark

peanut butter bark

Learn how to make these from: Love and Olive Oil

4.Triple peanut butter cookie pie:

triple peanut butter cookie pie

Learn how to make these from: The Best Recipes Ever

5. Reese’s cookies:

Reeses' cookies

Learn how to make these from: I Save A to Z


Don’t leave Fido out of the fun! Bake your furry friend a PB treat too:

peanut butter dog treats

Learn how to make these from: Eating Bird Food Blog

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