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A Few Perennial Spring Style Tips

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Spring means many things to many people — a time for rebirth, for organization, and for some, a time to reevaluate their wardrobe. Fashion is always changing and that’s one of our favourite things about it. Every year, and every season for that matter, we get to flip through magazines and fashion websites to see what our favourite trendsetters are raving about.

When it comes to fashion, we love experimenting and finding new ways to wear our favourite pieces. If fashion and shopping overwhelm you don’t panic, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together a helpful list of style tips and tricks that we swear by.

Take your spring wardrobe to the next level. Here’s how:

Find a Trustworthy Tailor

When we think of tailoring, it’s hard not to assume it’s only meant for things like bridal party dresses or fancy suits. The reality is tailoring can actually be a helpful styling trick that you can use to elevate your existing wardrobe. This technique is carried out by a professional tailor or seamstress and is meant to take a garment and fit it to your exact measurements.

When you shop retail, most of the clothes you try on won’t fit you perfectly, even if they are your size. They may feel comfortable, but there’s likely still excess fabric in certain areas because these clothes are made for the general public, not your specific body type. Tailoring is a great way to take your current wardrobe and make it look brand new.

Loungewear Should Be Shown Off

When we think of loungewear now compared to years ago, it paints a very different picture. These days, ill-fitting sweats are replaced with chic, colour-coordinated sets from your favourite shops and boutiques. You can find neutral staples if you prefer a simpler pallet or shop Azzyland for fun and colourful styles. Pair either with a chic coat and a pair of clean white sneakers, and you’ve got yourself a great daytime outfit — perfect for running errands or lounging with friends.

Stay Versatile

Buying new clothes every time the seasons change can be expensive. Instead, investing in pieces that add versatility to your wardrobe is the way to go. Certain fabrics, for example, such as linen are only beneficial for warmer weather but cotton is versatile and can be incorporated in so many ways.

We love closet staples like a well-fitting pair of dark denim and a white button-down shirt — both can be incorporated with layers, worn separately with other items in the closet, and accessorized with ease.

Comfortable Shoes are More Fun

When it comes to shoes, a pair of white sneakers is a chic yet simple way to add an element of comfort to virtually any outfit. Whether you prefer dresses and flowy skirts in the spring, or love a jean and blazer combo, sneakers have become closet staples for street-style lovers.

Spring is one of our favourite seasons when it comes to fashion for the versatility and opportunities we can experiment with. Put these tips to the test and see how much fun fashion can be.

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