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True Personal Style Is About Doing Your Own Thing

Anything goes when it comes to being creative and defining your own personal style

Photography: Rob Dutchin Photography
Styling: Jayne Rae and Carolee Custus 
Hair & Makeup: Carolee Custus
Models: Peace Management

Shaifali Personal Style

Shaifali is wearing:
Jean Machine Tank, $19.95.
Jean Machine Coral Shrug, $29.95.
H&M Satin Skirt, $49.90.
Accessorize Skinny Scarf, $20.00.
Jean Machine Belt, $29.95.
West 49, Billabong Top Hat Herringbone Fedora, $29.99.
Jean Machine, T5S Blazer with Hoodie, $169.95.
Accessorize Tweed Bag, $55.00.

Dare to be different and stand out.

Chelsea Personal Style

Chelsea is wearing:
H&M Tweed Vest, $39.90.
West 49, Billabong Sparkler Jeans, $99.99.
Jean Machine Lace Belt, $14.95.
H&M Pom-Pom Sweater, $39.90.
Accessorize Bag, $45.00.
Accessorize Bag Charm,$25.00.
H&M Pearl Necklace, $9.99.
Accessorize Earrings, $25.00.
West 49 Hooded Canvas Jacket, $69.99.

Show courage and be bold.

Casey Personal Style

Casey is wearing:
Jean Machine, Guido & Mary Jeans, $169.95.
H&M Cami, $49.90.
Accessorize Scarf, $45.00.
Jean Machine Wooden Beads,$19.95.
Accessorize Beads, $25.00.
Accessorize Sequin Bag, $22.00.
Jean Machine Bracelets, (starting at top) $12.95, $14.95, $16.95.
Accessorize Hat, $40.00.
Accessorize Chain Belt, $32.00.

Let your clothes reflect the real you.

Aleksandra Personal Style

Aleksandra is wearing:
West 49, Element Newton Stretch Cords, $69.99
West 49, Roxy Blaster Sheer Tee, $29.99
H&M Lace Tee, $24.90
H&M Velvet Jacket, $59.90
Accessorize Belt, $48.00
H&M Earrings, $4.90
H&M Scarf, $12.90
Accessorize Ring, $25.00.
Accessorize Velvet Bag,$32.00
Accessorize Brooch (on Bag) $25.00

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