How To Plan The Perfect Monte Carlo Night For Your Friends

Sometimes, it can be nice just to do something a little different. Maybe you and your friends have been to the same bar twenty times, perhaps going to the cinema isn’t quite thrilling enough for you and your pals or maybe you just want something with a little bit of risk and excitement that is lacking from your daily life. Organising a fun event can be a way to get out of a rut and to do a new and fun activity with your friends that could turn into a passion or a regular get together. It doesn’t have to be something outrageously expensive or risky.

You shouldn’t have to do anything too out of the ordinary to give your routine a shakeup. And you also absolutely should not have to plan the perfect party that will take hours or even days out of your already busy schedule. You should not have to begin a whole career in event planning in order to host a fun night for your friends.


One of the most simple and fun events and parties to host for you and your nearest and dearest is a poker night. They can be very fun, can win you a little money and can introduce a new and exciting variable to nights. Poker can seem a little complicated and hard to keep track of. However there are some simple tips that can help you plan the perfect night, one that your friends will remember but not for you collapsing from the stress of hosting. Here are three of the best tips for the perfect poker party.

Keep the actual poker simple

Zynga, one of the world’s largest online poker companies points out that, “Poker isn’t just a single game; instead, it is an entire family of card games.” There are so many different variations of poker and the names do little more than make most people’s head spin. Three card stud, Texas hold ‘em, speed poker, five card draw, Chinese poker, Oxford Stud, High Chicago, Guts and even more. It is so easy to just get lost and to think it will be fun to try lots of variants. However this rarely works, you end up just spending your evening teaching others how to play or learning yourself. It might seem sophisticated but I promise it will just end up being messy.

My advice then is to just stick to one variant, this means anyone who is unsure on the rules can be taught at the start and can learn as they go without having to worry about getting confused. Perhaps the best choice is Texas Hold ’em, it’s easy to learn, it is the variant most people have seen before and the fact it is a community card game means that everyone plays with each other which adds to the excitement. You may want to get a little more familiar with the rules online at sa gaming site.

Have a variety of activities

While you should absolutely keep poker as the focus, it might well be fun to have a few other casino games to hand for people who want a break from poker but want to keep the night going. If you have a number of guests you can also rotate games so people don’t end up playing just poker. You could play another card game like Blackjack but even better is craps. Since it is a dice based game it is easy to learn and is different enough from poker that it will give your night real variation. There are also very good craps bets odds guides that can help beginner players out and can ensure that everyone understands how to play craps. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life and adding another game will help to give your party that diversity.

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Buy a proper poker set.

Finally, a top tip is to spend a little bit of money on buying a proper poker set which has chips, good quality cards and instructions to help you and your friends enjoy the evening more. Replacing low quality cards which fall apart and feel cheap in the hand is never fun and running out of chips is always annoying. Buying a proper set rather than making your own is a worthwhile investment and gives the night and air of professionalism and sophistication.


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