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Planning a Wedding in a Year: How Much Does an Average Wedding Cost

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Weddings are the most beautiful occasions in life. If you agree with me, then it’s time we talk about them. Is your D-day approaching very fast? Or are you planning a wedding soon? Congrats because you’re arranging for the most memorable event of all in life. If you ask those who have done it, one fact remains constant; wedding planning and preparation aren’t an easy task. It requires a lot. Even so, with proper guidance and assistance, we can all beat the odds. How much then does an average wedding cost? Let’s see.

Settle On a Reasonable Budget

One of the significant factors to consider when arranging a wedding is how much it will cost. Several things feature in such a budget, from venue booking to going for that dream honeymoon. Some of those are constant at all weddings regardless of where you live. In contrast, others are specific to certain cultures and couples’ preferences.

Sometimes, people find it challenging to plan a wedding well, especially when trying to cope with other financial commitments, whether rearing kids, paying off a mortgage, or other projects. That’s why settling on a budget becomes a priority to many. That might be hard, more so if it’s the first time both partners are engaging in such a plan. But, worry, not! This guide will show you how much a wedding costs on average, and how much you can spend on each day’s services.

How Much Does an Average Wedding Cost?

Well, what’s the total amount of money a couple will spend on an average marriage ceremony? While that varies very much from one place to another and individuals, it’s not hard to give an estimate. Remember, though, that factors like your lifestyle, preferences, expectations, and personal choices will influence that cost. Most couples set a budget of between $23,920 and $ 28,650 for the day’s total expenses. There’s no limit to that average as some may opt to spend more or less than that range. Below is a list of the most popular items that form part of wedding expenses:

Wedding Venue

First of all, couples always want to know where they will celebrate their great day. Venues vary depending on their standard, nature, and location. If you’re going to hire, then it will be appropriate to go for an affordable setting. Again, some people prefer holding the officiating ceremony and reception at one site to cut down costs. The average of the reception venue is $ 15,549.


Are you planning on hiring cars? If so, then you probably want a stylish and comfortable way of making that entrance. Yet, it should also be cost-effective. Some people use more than two cars for the day. Others utilize vehicles from friends or family members, thus, saving on the cost. Meanwhile, if you decide to hire transport, then set aside about $956 for that purpose.

Photography and Videography

Photos speak 1000 words while videos one million words. Would you like those taken on that day to do precisely that? Getting a professional photographer and videographer will help you keep that day’s memories. Set aside about $2,379 and $2,010, respectively, for the two expenses. You can hire one company to perform both tasks to save money.

Wedding Rings

The exchange of vows and rings always seals the wedding day. So, what type of bands will you purchase? The price of these items depends on the material and whether they’re designer brands or not. Wedding rings might be simple, but they can cost an average of $2,000 to $6,000.

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Bridal Package

This includes the wedding dresses for the bride and her maids, suits for the groom and his team, makeup, hairstyles, footwear, photoshoot, and other related things. Most brides prefer luxurious dresses to rock on that day, at least once in a lifetime. An average wedding dress can cost $2,650, while those of bridesmaids will vary depending on the number of people participating. You can spend between $250 and $450 each.

The formal wear for the groom and his men will average about $1,557. Still, they can differ with the number of people participating. Most weddings, I know, have a traditional reference number of three groomsmen. Hairstyle and makeup can cost up to $800. The artist and the type of hairstyles/makeup style can influence the price of this item. Finally, photoshoots/ booths are still popular features at weddings. If you plan to go for it, ensure you budget about $904 for it.

Flowers and Decorations

Decorations for your day follow the styling facet of the wedding theme. The appearance and outlook of everything will depend on it. The expense can average $1,540 to make your reception appealing. Wedding flowers can also add to the theme and atmosphere of the occasion. The amount you’ll spend will depend on your preferences and range between $1,440 and $1,640.


Catering forms a large portion of your investment, especially if you want to make the best impression for the day. It can be counted per person in attendance, or you can hire caterers to cook, thereby saving money. The wedding cake isn’t any exception on that day, and like most couples, you’ll want to get the best. The total expenditure on food can range from $523 to $536 for cake and $1,321 to $9,891 for catering.


Of course, some little entertainment will make the day more memorable. Hiring sound and music systems, a DJ, or a music band, can cost about $1,587.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Things like favors, invitations, and other small emergency expenses will need some money allocation. While that can vary also, an estimated $723 can help cover such costs.

The Bottom Line

The list of items mentioned above can be shorter or longer, depending on the parties involved. You can always adjust your budget to include a 100% items list. At the end of executing your most important day, the total costs would range between $23,920 and $28,650. That’s only an estimation, meaning yours can be higher or lower. Even so, the list can act as a reference to planning your wedding! Did we miss any area of need? Learn more about budgeting for your wedding at

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