Why Plastic Surgery is on the Rise Among Young Women

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Have you found yourself scrolling through the before-and-after pictures on plastic surgery websites recently? You’re far from alone. Plastic surgeons are seeing a record number of young women walking through their doors these days.

Surgeons are not just booking appointments with rich celebrities and social media influencers. Young women with normal levels of income and social followings are also getting surgery.

Why is this? Is it because of social media? Yes, but that is only a small part of the reason that more young women are going to see Toronto Plastic Surgeons to see what is possible.

Here are some of the other reasons.

More Pictures Than Ever

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Think about the world you’re living in, compared to the world your mom grew up in.

Young women in the 80s and 90s only had to pose for a handful of pictures every year. Your picture was probably taken at birthday parties, holidays, or school. A few of those pictures would end up in frames and on the wall, but the rest would be hidden away in photo albums.

That seems laughable to modern women on Instagram, Tik Tok and Snapchat who take an average of 20 photos a day.

Even if you’re not actively posting, you will still see your face showing up constantly in your friends’ pictures, videos and stories. Every one of these pictures is an opportunity to be reminded of (and zero in on) your least favourite part of yourself.

More Realistic Expectations of Diet and Exercise

Let’s say you’re dieting and hitting the gym like crazy, but you still can’t seem to lose those last couple of pounds or inches.

Women from previous generations would have been more likely to try to ramp things up to unrealistic or unsustainable levels.

Instead of chasing an unrealistic goal, today’s young woman is more likely to see that they may be better off getting a procedure to take care of what diet and exercise cannot.

More Affordable and Accessible Procedures

In the 80s and 90s, plastic surgery was reserved for rich people. But that has changed in a big way.

People with 9-5 jobs and average levels of income can now easily afford cosmetic or plastic surgery. Many clinics are now also offering financing options to make these procedures even more affordable.

This means that cosmetic surgery is not just for celebrities and CEOs. Self-improvement is for everyone.

Cosmetic Surgery Plastic Surgery Teens

The world you grew up in bears little resemblance to the one that your mom grew up in. Today’s young women are facing new challenges that no other generation has ever encountered. They are under far more pressure to look good every day, and from every angle. But the good news is that these new challenges come with new solutions.

Plastic surgery is now more affordable, accessible and accepted than it has ever been. It isn’t for everyone. But today, it’s helping more people than it ever has before.

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