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Plus Size Women Embracing Body Positivity

Women who belong to the plus size category often encounter problems with finding the right kind of clothing to wear. Most of the time, stress and disappointment set in. There are now an increasing number of online stores that offer fashionable and comfortable clothes for plus size women. Here are a few examples. A good fit is everything but being full figured it seems difficult to find the appropriate dress or pants that fit. Remember that there are tricks that can help plus size women choose the right clothing. Try to avoid tight clothes and choose the right colors. The wrong color can ruin everything. Choose dark colors to make your body look slimmer. Do not settle for frumpy outfits. They are hideous and unflattering.

Plus Size Model Fashion

This 2018, there is a tremendous increase of clothing brands that now carry plus size clothing. And more and more beautiful, curvy women are now defying norms and taking the fashion industry by storm. Hayley Hasselhoff, daughter of Hollywood actor David Hasselhoff, led a protest during the London Fashion Week stating the significance of celebrating women’s body in all shapes and sizes. She is a size 18 joined by similarly beautiful women named Callie Thorpe who is a size 26 and Sonny turner who is a size 16. They staged a photoshoot outside the gates where the London Fashion Week took place to encourage designers to make plus size clothing and to make every woman feel confident in their own skin.

Most of plus size clothes are expensive because it is a larger clothing using larger amount of fabric. However, retailers are now offering sales and discounts to be able to meet the increasing demands of clothes. (Visit this site to discover a lot of discounts and coupons for fashion.)

Body positivity is the “in” thing nowadays. Confidence is the key. According to research, there is an increase in the sales of plus size clothing by 6% amounting to 21 billion in 2016. And this year, many designers who are well known in the fashion world are acknowledging the message. There is also an increase in the number of giant retailers such as JCPenny and Nike began selling plus size clothing.

Plus Size Model Fashion

The unwavering confidence and positivity of many famous plus size women became an inspiration to others. It helps many to embrace their curves, fats, cellulites and all. Well known plus size model Ashley Graham is a body positive activist. She has been campaigning for women to love their own self regardless of size or shape. She worked hard to defy norms about curvy women. She is a designer and now owns her own lingerie line.

On the topic of lingerie, this is an area of plus size fashion that has seen a big boom in the last decade. Ten years ago, many plus size women did not feel comfortable buying lingerie. Now, many are realizing that they can look just as attractive in a fishnet bodystocking and lingerie companies are having to expand their collections to appeal to this growing audience.

Body acceptance must be realized in order to love your body. Being full figured should not stop you from anything. Make the most of your life and pursue your dreams. Remember, top clothing brands are now shifting and responding to what we call cultural shift towards body positivity.  Curvy figures are now being increasingly appreciated. There is a special beauty in curvy women. Embrace your femininity and sexuality for a beautiful you.

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