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Poised Aroma: The Science-Based Fragrance Company


Have you ever seen an ad for a fragrance and you can’t help but giggle? Usually, a fragrance ad will include a celebrity marching forth in some valiant manner with a mysterious sensual voice trailing behind them, “Diooor”. Entertaining? Yes, and these ads work, and when you use the fragrance you feel a little bit like that celebrity. But, do fragrances actually give off that impression? Not exactly… Let me tell you why.

I’m the creator and CEO of Poised Aroma, and I spent about 1000 hours reading the scientific literature on scents. I actually wrote a book about it which anyone can read for free on our website. Turns out, scents and fragrances have a ton of potential. Ever wonder why you feel so rejuvenated around nature? That sensation has to do with the inhalation of different natural compounds via smell. Peppermint is one of the best scents for showcasing the power of aromas. Multiple studies have shown athletes exposed to peppermint run faster, jump higher and produce more pushups than without peppermint (Raudenbush et al).

Peppermint is just the tip of the iceberg. Chamomile improves productivity, jasmine boosts confidence, lavender helps you relax, lemon makes you feel happy, and believe it or not pumpkin pie and black licorice are powerful aphrodisiacs! Scents can do so much more than make you briefly feel like a celebrity. The right fragrance can improve your life and take your impression to a whole new level!

pumpkin pie

How do we know all this? Mainly through EEG scan studies (electroencephalogram), a test where multiple sensors are attached to different parts of your head to measure brainwaves. Different brain waves are associated with different mental states. For instance, we always sleep in delta, we relax or meditate in theta, we’re creative thinkers in alpha state and we are problem solvers in the beta state. Different parts of our brain can be stimulated at different frequencies at different times. For instance, lavender promotes theta waves across the neocortex, making you feel nice and relaxed, but you’ll have a harder time with critical thinking.

This is all to say that we know what we’re talking about when we recommend a fragrance. We’re not going to tell you – spray this on your neck and you’ll be just like Kim Kardashian. What we will tell you is exactly what kind of impression you’ll promote when people inhale your fragrance. Every fragrance has different active ingredients that stimulate different sensations. We’ve done the scientific research to ensure your fragrance will actually do what we promise.


How do you know which fragrance is right for you? I’m glad you asked. Poised Aroma has developed what we call the Impression Quiz. The Impression Quiz is essentially a personality test that allows us to determine your natural impression. We’re NOT going to recommend a fragrance that promotes extravagant confidence to someone who has a naturally timid and gentle impression. What we will recommend is a fragrance that is subtle, gentle, and promotes a day-dreamy and joyful state.

The Impression Quiz narrows down the thousands of available fragrances down to 3, that’s right, 3. And we offer tester packs so that you can determine which one you like the most. Poised Aroma is all about finding your signature scent.

Poised Aroma solves 3 big problems with the fragrance industry:

  1. The lack of legitimate validation in fragrance advertising. We all know that sensual fragrance voice – “Chanel”. Poised Aroma wants to get away from that and show you the true potential of fragrances based on what the science says.
  2. The overwhelming selection of fragrances. We’ve made choosing a fragrance approachable by narrowing down your selection via the Impression Quiz. Not only do you get a spot on recommendation, but you might just find out a little bit about yourself.
  3. Finding fragrances that actually work for you. There are so many fragrances that won’t work for you. The compounds in fragrances promote different impressions, you could easily be wearing a fragrance that does the exact opposite of what you want.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest concerning the potential of fragrances! And, even if you aren’t interested in finding your signature scent you should definitely check out our free eBook on The Science of Scents. I put my heart and soul into that book. The ebook includes research on all of the active components in fragrances with links to studies. The Science of Scents will give you all the tools you need to become a master of fragrances, and it’s FREE!

Poised Aroma

Check us out at Our free eBook can be found at the bottom of the page.

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