The Popularity of Online Bingo Among Women

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Bingo is a game that has long held numerous stereotypes, especially when it comes to the type of player that it attracts. It has always been widely considered to be a game that is enjoyed predominantly by women of a certain age and is often played in a physical bingo hall.

The availability of online bingo has looked to try and change that perception a little, as the game becomes more accessible to male players – such as those who may be embarrassed to be seen playing the game physically due to its stereotypes – but it is clear it still remains incredibly popular with women.

What has made online bingo so popular with women?

While it can be difficult to collate data regarding the actual percentage and ratio of female players to males, it is known that females make up the majority of the player base. According to some studies, they are understood to make up at least 75% of the player base, with some estimates having it even higher than that.

Following the emergence of the game’s online availability, younger females are now being drawn to the game as they can enjoy it whenever they want. They no longer need to go to a physical bingo hall, meaning they can incorporate it into their daily lives whenever they have a spare minute.

However, there are various aspects that online bingo has that other traditional casino games do not feature, which perhaps helps to make them more appealing to a female player base.

Online bingo can foster a sense of community

Among one of the biggest differences that online bingo provides compared to other games is its sociability as a game. Players are able to communicate with each other when the balls/numbers are being drawn, and have additional fun that can enhance their experience. They can discuss whatever they want while they play, which can give them a social release that other games do not necessarily provide.

Online bingo is simple compared to other games

Simplicity can often be the core motive for many players, and online bingo is a game that can offer this in abundance. While it is wrong to say all women want a simple gaming session, a generalization can be made. Online bingo is perhaps as simple as it comes when playing a game, as the rules are not complex to understand or follow, unlike slots that can be simple in premise but difficult to understand when looking at paylines, etc.

Online bingo remains marketed to women

Given the fact that the game continues to be marketed as a game for women, this only helps to influence its popularity among the female player base. Given that research has shown that female players make up the vast majority, it is unsurprising that operators continue to target them. By providing social environments and features promoting a community, women are more likely to feel safe playing these games.

Less risk can often be associated with online bingo

Studies can often show that female players are more conservative with their playing style and do not like to take as many risks as their male counterparts. They are happy to play with smaller stakes and obtain the entertainment value that online bingo can provide. At the same time, male players will often want to try their hand at games with bigger risks to try and prove themselves as worthy winners due to a competitive nature that they may have.

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Will online bingo always remain popular with female players?

Technology has had the ability to revolutionize the gambling industry in various ways, including improving the games that are on offer. While operators may always look to try to create new experiences with new game types, bingo has also been able to be transformed in recent years.

Players have been able to enjoy bingo in many new ways because of the technology available, which has contributed to its popularity. Immersive visuals and social features have continued to be incorporated, which have both been successful in attracting female players in the past. As these innovations will likely continue to get better with time and new methods to enjoy an all-time classic conveniently become available, it would be pretty easy to make an educated guess suggesting online bingo’s popularity amongst women will remain.

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