The Power Of A Nap Room At Work

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Are you feeling sluggish and need a quick refresher while on the job?

Don’t worry – all workers across the globe are with you.

The thought of closing your eyes at work to take a short power nap sounds like, well, a huge fantasy for millions of employees around the world. Sleeping on a job was once considered taboo, but today more companies are encouraging their workers to take a break.

Companies now take seriously the relation between sleep and health, based on the results of allowing employees to take a nap. 

Who should Nap?

Not everyone at work needs to take a power nap. For example, people with insomnia cases should avoid taking power naps at work.

If you have insomnia, sleeping during the day can make you feel like you need to sleepless at night. This may worsen your condition, thus affecting how you work during the day.  In addition, people who are getting enough restorative sleep and function well during the day don’t need to take a nap. 

So if you notice that your productivity is affected during a specific time and you can’t work through, you could benefit from a power nap

The Advantages of a Power Nap at Work

Below are some of the main advantages as to why most companies are adopting this new technique of allowing employees to take a nap at work;

  • Helps to increase productivity

Taking a short nap of 20-30 minutes has shown to improve alertness, reaction times, and productivity in all kinds of activities. Research, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, indicates that a power nap can help improve performance, mood, and alertness by 54%.

  • Power naps boost memory

Power naps help one increase their ability to solve problems creatively. This is because of improved memory and learning capacity. Taking a short nap can promote wakefulness, enhance learning ability, and boost alertness.

  • Relieves stress and boost the immune system

Taking power naps has been shown to reduce stress as well as boost the immune system. Taking a day nap can reverse the hormonal impact of a night of poor sleep. It also helps boost the immune system by restoring a person’s immune health to normal levels in as little as 30 minutes.

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How can Office Culture Adapt this New Practice?

While this is possible, nap rooms might be a difficult concept to introduce as some people hold negative perceptions about taking a nap at work. With more employees failing to get enough sleep due to workloads, companies like Nike, Google, NASA, Nationwide Planning Associates,  and The Huffington Post have invested in transforming their conference spaces into a nap room.

In creating nap rooms, coworkers will understand the importance of taking care of themselves, thus reducing potential judgment. Companies will see a correlation between sleep rooms and productivity, as well as decreased sick days and insurance claims.

Companies are coming up with ways to help their employees increase productivity. They are providing places to unwind and get away from the stresses of the job long enough to brain reset. Some have created a game room where players can access online slot games and other games. During their free time, workers can access casinos like Syndicate Online Casino to access all ELK Studios games.

In  Conclusion

At a growing number of corporate and small businesses across the globe, sleeping on a job is considered a good thing. 

If you are a shift worker or are required to work for longer hours at work, taking advantage of a power nap can help make your sleep more regular and boost your productivity.

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