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Pretty Little Liars’ Tyler Blackburn (aka one half of Haleb)

Tyler Blackburn

Pretty Little Liars’ resident bad boy Caleb Rivers (played by Tyler Blackburn) has left Rosewood for good. Or, has he?

In the second last episode in season one, viewers watched, horrified, as Hanna Marin watched him (but didn’t try to stop him) from getting on the bus that would lead him to Arizona and out of her life.

When Faze met up with Tyler while he was visiting Toronto for the Female Eye Film Festival (FeFF)–for his starring role in indie film Peach Plum Pear–he hinted at the possibility of returning to the show.

“I think there’s potential for it,” he says, when asked directly about coming back to PLL. “The relationship that Caleb and Hanna have is just a little bit rare. I think they really and quickly hit it off in a very deep way. It’s made such a mark on the show and with the fans, that I think that there’s potential for it.”


At least for the time being, Tyler is content to look back at the great memories on set, rather than be sad about his character’s early departure. “I love the show. I really enjoyed this ride. It’s awesome as an actor when you’re passionate about the thing you’re promoting,” says Tyler. Not just for actors, but for anyone, he notes that a certain about of pride in your work is important. “If you like your job, you’re happy.”

Tyler Blackburn Tyler Blackburn

So what was it like for Tyler to go “back to school” on the set of PLL? “It was an easy transition. I was very different on the show than I was in real life,” Tyler says. So, not a bad boy in your high school days? “No,” he laughs. “I was not cool.”

But those years obvious taught him a lot of things, and not solely in the academic fields that teachers and administrators intend. His advice to those battling the halls of high school now seems to come from a very secure individual, who knows exactly who he is. “Don’t compromise who you are for those four years of your life,” Tyler says, “because you’re going to regret it later. Be yourself. Even if you get singled out for it or whatever, you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life.”

Pursuing his passion of acting, despite the pressures from those around him who followed, perhaps, more conventional paths after high school, has definitely paid off for Tyler. “That’s what it’s about: being true to yourself.”

Whatever his future endeavours, I think I speak for many when I say: bring Tyler back to TV! Monday nights just won’t be the same without you.

So, anyone else think Tyler could carry his own Caleb-PLL spin-off?

Check out the season 1 trailer for Pretty Little Liars!


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