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Why Having A Professional Headshot For Your Personal Brand Is Important

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My name is Matthew Hamilton (owner of MHamiltonVisuals) and I am a professional headshot photographer in Philadelphia. I work with people everyday to help take their personal brand to the next level with a professional headshot. I work with everyone from actors to business professionals to provide them with headshots for their personal brands.

Below are a list of some of the reasons having a great professional headshot for your personal brand is so important.

A photo gives people an introduction to who you are

Your fancy new headshot is a great and simple way to tell people a little bit about who you are. The ideal headshot will show off your personality so people can get a sense of what you are all about, but also keep things professional. Everything in the photo needs to be working towards this same goal. The background, clothing, and expression help the onlooker to get a peak into your genuine self. All three of these moving parts are important so make sure they are all moving towards the same goal.

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Employers are looking at your social media pages before hiring you

In many cases your headshot (or profile photo) is a first impression and may be the first time people see what you look like. There is a good chance that businesses take a look at your social media accounts before bringing you in for an interview. There was a study done in 2017 that found that 70% of employers look at the social media accounts of the people they are thinking about hiring before making a decision. This is a good opportunity to score extra points with your possible new employer by impressing them with a professional photo. Using a photo of you from a party a few years back just to check that box off, may not be the best idea. You have to make sure your photo is representing the personal brand you are trying to build as best it can. This leads me to my next point.

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Your headshot should show off your personal brand

The way the photo looks should match whatever your brand is selling. Do I mean you have to be wearing your businesses logo in your photo? No! But the overall vibe in the photo should show the viewer what “you” are all about. It should just scream out to the viewer that this is YOU. As an example, if you work for a very formal company your clothing should match that. If you work as a customer support person then a stern closed mouth smile might not be the best look for your profession. These are some of the most important things you should be thinking about when getting your headshots done. It is just all about matching the look of the photo with what your brand is all about. Let your photographer know the specific vibe you are going for in your photo, as this is a team effort. You need to feel comfortable with the photo that will be representing your brand. If a client of mine comes in and envisions their headshot on a white background we will shoot the photo on a white background as it is what they wanted; even though I may want to shoot on a different background color. It is all about what you feel the most comfortable with representing your personal brand.

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Investing in your future

You never know when this photo of yourself will come in handy, so really the best time to get one done is now. By getting this photo done you are really investing in your future. It not only is a great marketing tool for yourself but is also a huge confidence booster. Just seeing an amazing photo of yourself in your truest form, will instill confidence.

Take a look at your current headshot or profile photo. Does it show potential future employers the person you want them to see? Does it represent you well while you aren’t in the room to do the talking for yourself? Are you confident this photo is doing everything it can for you? I highly recommend getting a professional headshot that ticks all of these boxes. Getting a headshot done by someone who specializes in them specifically will be sure to help take your personal brand to the place you want it to be!

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