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Prom Style Tips And Tricks: Thinking Beyond The Dress

Make this the best prom ever.

As the big day gets closer and closer, the excitement and anticipation must be building up by now. Amongst all the pre-prom planning and the searching for the perfect outfit, remember that it’s all about making sure you have a fun and memorable experience. Since comfort is key, be sure to choose something that will keep you feeling great, so that your confidence will shine through all night!

Here are a few style tips from our prom shoot in the spring issue of Faze (with cutie Austin Mahone on the cover!) that can help you prepare while you’re counting down the days.

The Carry-All

Faze Prom Accessories Fashion Shoot. Danielle has an H&M clutch.

You’ll need something stylish but still functional to hold all your prom night essentials: makeup for touchups, camera for capturing the magic moments, the works (try to keep it to a minimum though)! A flat envelope-style clutch looks sleek and avoids toting around something too bulky.  You’re definitely going to want to leave the over-sized hobos at home.

To Heel Or Not To Heel

Faze Prom Accessories Fashion Shoot Danielle is wearing Zara shoes.

If you aren’t the greatest at walking around in five-inch heels—better yet, dancing in them—you might want to opt out of choosing those piercing pumps. However, go for them if they work for you and don’t give you any problems. But for those who are often prone to complaining about sore feet, it might be best to try a lower style andbe sure to break them in beforehand! (Blisters on prom night are THE worst.)

Fairytale Florals

Faze Prom Accessories Fashion Shoot Masha is wearing a Life of Manek headband:

Adding flowers to your hair is a fun and feminine way to give your outfit an extra touch of romance—think Juliet or Rapunzel. Try a floral headband or clip-in hairpieces to give that whimsical, feminine feel. Whether you decide on an up-do or leaving your hair down, a pretty orchid or dahlia might be that one thing that you were looking for to complete your look. Plus, it’s a great springtime accessory!

Big and Bold

Faze Prom Accessories Fashion Shoot Ava is wearing Top Shop earrings

When it comes to picking out the perfect jewelry to add to your outfit, don’t shy away from pieces that are bigger and brighter just because they’re out of your comfort zone. Have fun with it! From chunky bangles and statement necklaces to large rings and dangling earrings, they can really add that pop of personality. Don’t go too overboard though. Choose one or two that will really stand out instead of piling on a bunch. Quality over quantity!

Faze Prom Accessories Fashion Shoot

For the full prom spread, check out our spring issue, on newsstands at Chapters/Indigo!

Photography by Richard Sibbald
Art direction by Alana Yip-Hoi
Styling by Nicole Manek
Hair/makeup by Esteban Ortiz
Faze assistance by Jessica Harwood and Christina Dun

Special thanks to Elmer Olsen Model Management


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