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Prom Survival Kit: And It All Fits In A Clutch

teal prom clutch handbag

It could save your life, or at least your prom

In everyday life, I find myself unable to edit the amount of stuff I carry around in my bag. It always seems to be a million pounds, and when I ask myself if I really need everything that’s in there, the answer is a “yes.”

prom clutch

However, the last thing you want to bring to any formal event is a big bag. It’s your night to have fun and enjoy the last few moments of high school with your friends! But you also don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you need something but don’t have it.

So, I’ve put together the ultimate prom survival kit—one that will fit nicely into any small clutch!

The clutch: For reference, it measures 6” x 4” (and about 2.5” deep).

Lipstick & Lip Balm: You’ll be eating, laughing, talking and possibly crying all night long, so having something to touch up those lips is super-important! You can also replace the lipstick with another make-up product, but keep in mind they are usually bulkier. So limit yourself to one—whether it’s just a blush, pressed powder, eyeshadow, etc.

prom clutch

Phone: Depending on your phone/phone case, you’ll need to find a clutch that can hold it snuggly and/or switch phone cases to allow a better fit. Silicone/rubber cases are much thicker, so a plastic case may be the better option depending on the size of your clutch.

Bandages: A must-have in any bag! Accidents happen, shoes might not be as broken-in as you hoped. Adhesive bandages are a lifesaver and very compact; you can really carry as many as you’d like (or think you’ll need, if you’re accident-prone).

Gum: Everyone will appreciate it.

prom clutch

Portable iPhone charger: These little handy things are perfect if you find yourself regularly without battery on your phone. Made to fit an iPhone 4/4S, you charge them beforehand, so that when your battery is low, you plug it directly into your phone and it gets a charge from stored energy (by Powermate, can be found in-stores and online at Indigo/Chapters and J. Crew.).

Cash: A single twenty is not a bad thing to have on you in case of emergencies or as food money if you plan on heading out for a bite post-prom.

Bobby pins: You can include hair elastics as well!

prom clutch

Additional: Clothespins, hygienic products, tissues (instead of a whole pack, just take out one or two), and a camera! Depending on the size, it may or may not fit, but that’s okay! You’ll want to be taking photos all night. I picked a disposable, which is fun and inexpensive; you can pass it around and it’s small enough to carry around with your clutch without much hassle!

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