Puzzle Games: A Tool For Improving Your Brain Health

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At times you may feel to take a break from the boredom of daily routine activities. And when you get that much-awaited spare time, you struggle to keep yourself busy. When you are clueless about what to do next, engaging yourself in solving puzzles is the most refreshing activity. Puzzle games have the potential to trigger your brain to perceive in a million ways and kill the boredom of course.

Playing puzzle games is good for your mental health besides other creative activities like painting, photography, creative writing, and playing music.

Psychiatrists praise puzzle games

According to the psychotherapist, playing puzzles is fruitful for your brain health. The internet is swarmed with various puzzles which play a vital role in increasing focus, concentration, and memory.

Puzzles can help you to perform your day-to-day chores more mindfully. It is believed that puzzle games may help slow or delay brain illnesses like dementia.

With every new level, the game gets harder which challenges your brain to perform the tough tasks. Some games specifically trigger your brain hemispheres. Games like Sudoku and puzzles challenge your left brain which is responsible for logic-related tasks, for instance, science and mathematics.

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To no surprise, some of the online puzzle games stimulate both the left and right sides of the brain at once. Jigsaw is worth playing as it influences both sides of the brain. Jigsaw puzzles demand intuition, logic, and creativity. You will easily get absorbed into the game when playing a jigsaw puzzle.

Sudoku is a number puzzle that enforce you to think critically and helps improve concentration skills. In Sudoku, you have to fill a grid with numbers 1 through 9 requiring that no number appears more than once in a row, column, or box. Although there are many mobile options in today’s digital world, nothing hits harder than playing manually.

Live Sudoku is a home for everyone with the internet, it has various levels which include easy, medium, hard, and evil sudoku levels. You can invite your Sudokuer friend and have a match of speed and concentration.

You can print your Sudoku puzzles on paper to solve them without using your mobile or desktop.

Puzzles worth trying

There is a variety of puzzles worth giving a try as they help exercise your brain. Scrabble brings out the competitive spirit in every age group and trains your mind to focus on a sole task.

Sagrada is another top on the list puzzle, this dice placement game helps you improve concentration and work precisely. It involves constructing a stained glass window by placing the dice concerning the color and shade.

Rummikub is perfect for beginners in the world of puzzle games, as it is easy to learn. This game help sharpens your pattern recognition, planning, and sequencing skills.

The world’s bestselling puzzle which breaks the internet is Rubik’s Cube. Solving the cube with over 43 quintillion possible moves is a great way to improve your brain performance.


Playing games has many pros, for instance, it is incredibly fun, easily accessible, pandemic friendly, and sharpens your mind in the long run. Puzzle games are an excellent vehicle to stimulate your brain, improve memory and learning ability.

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