2 Qualities To Consider When Choosing A College

Heading to college is one of the most exciting times in anyone’s life. Whether you want to enjoy college’s freedom or can’t wait to study something you actually care about, it’s an important milestone. However, when you’re considering a college, there’s a lot to think about. You have to do a lot of research on schools to find out about the Grand Canyon University accreditation info and other statistics. Reaching out to Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals is a good place to start to get questions answered about their specific school, but what if you haven’t even chosen a school yet? Here are two aspects you should consider when trying to narrow down your options on what college to attend.

1. School Spirit

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If you love going to high school sporting events and get super involved in the spirit of your school, you’ll want to find a college that fits your personality. Some schools practically shut down on game days, so you have to figure out if you want to be somewhere where spirit is everything, or if you’re more focused on other aspects such as academics or extracurricular clubs.

2. School Location

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This is a major factor that can make or break someone’s success in college. You really need to analyze how far you’re willing to go away from your family or how far your university is from major cities. Some people thrive on independence while others find themselves going home quite often. It’s imperative to look at yourself as impartially as you can to see whether distance from everything you know is a good or bad idea. Here’s a quiz you can take to see if you’re more of a homebody or ready to leave the nest.

They say college is the best four years of someone’s life, so you want to make sure you make the right decision when committing to a university.

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