Quality Headphones Are The Path To Effective Listening

Music is food for the soul. Everyone has their favorite song, and when listening to it, avoids any external interference for maximum concentration. The best way to eliminate the noise around you while listening to music is by wearing quality headphones. Whether you are watching television, playing a video game, or listening to music, headphones ensure you block out any distractions and fully concentrate. Probably, headphones are ideal for study sessions that require one to listen to audios or watch learning materials. Professionally, headphones are used in editing videos, sound engineering, or for recording purposes. In the world of journalism, some headphones have multi-functions: a microphone, a telephone, and a headphone. While there are hundreds of applications for headphones, one can also choose headphones that are suitable for their needs.

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Structure of headphones:

  • Driver: The part that produces sound.
  • Earpiece: The part holding the driver up to the ear.
  • Attachment system: Ensures the earpiece appropriately fits on the ear (depends on the type of headphones).
  • Headbands, wires, and jacks: Attaches the earpiece to the music player or device where the headphones get attached.

Types of headphones:

1) Closed or sound-proof headphones

Soundproof headphones are used when one wants to isolate themselves from external audio distractions. Even in loud environments, the user only hears the sound coming from their music player or any other device. Typically, soundproof headphones have headbands, and the earpiece covers the whole ear. They also have monitors that are designed to fit the ear, and the design is sealed. When buying these headphones, look for quality retailers you can count if the case of any issues or need for return, and look for deals for your favourite brands from The Source sales and other high quality stores.

2) Open-type headphones

These headphones have a greater sound quality than the enclosed and soundproof ones. The open design improves the quality of sound, making it an effective listening device. Notably, there are hundreds of designs to choose from, such as:

Clip-on: Clip-on headphones do not have headbands. Their attachment system consists of two ear-buds that are easily pluggable on the ears.

Wireless: This is a comfortable headphone since it frees one from wires. One can move freely while listening to music without worrying about short wires.

In-ear-monitor: They are tiny headphones that comfortably fit on one’s ear canal. It is a bit expensive, especially due to its sophisticated design. Normally, it is used for professional and surveillance purposes.

Earbuds: They are small earphones with two little rounded earpieces that comfortably fit the inner ear.

Headsets: They consist of a microphone and a headset. They are mainly used for communication.

Earpad: Earpads have soft, flat pads that act as earpieces. There are various types and styles of earpads in the market. One should consider the quality of sound when buying to fit the purpose. Also, one may consider the brand, design, or the application.

Noise-canceling: These headphones have an attachment system that is soundproof. It also contains a suspension system in the headband, a feature that prevents external noise from interfering with the produced sound.

Lastly, one should be careful when buying headphones and should consider quality. The purpose of buying headphones is to enjoy listening to audios, and the quality determines the extent to which you will enjoy.


Author Bio: Rajhu S Goraai is an entrepreneur and contributor to B2N. He helps small business owners to grow their online businesses worldwide.

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