Quebec Duo Projet Orange

Project Orange

Projet Orange is the duo-bro team of Jean-Sebastien and Jean-Christophe from Quebec City. With their latest album, Megaphobe, the brothers are trying to keep the peace between their home-grown French fans and growing English fans across the country. “We have a fan base in Quebec, and we want to include them, and write music for them. So we are still trying to keep the balance in our album with songs both in French and English. We are proud of our roots, and as we get to know the rest of Canada, we are improving every day,” says Jean-Christophe.

This includes a struggle with responding to a surprising rise in the number of fans who have discovered the gloomy-pop ways of Projet Orange.

But things weren’t always this rosy. In 2002, Jean-Sebastien discovered he had blood poisoning, which affected his immune system. Meanwhile, Jean-Christophe never left his brother’s side, and says the hospital became their second home. They also stopped writing and recording songs for six months. “You feel as if it was you, especially when you’re so close,” says Jean-Christophe. Soon Jean-Sebastien recovered, and as Jean-Christophe points out, they were back to reality. But things weren’t the same he says, “You become more conscious of everyday details, and there is more intensity for what you do.

There’s also a little anger that follows you for a little while because you can’t figure out what’s going on. Life suddenly becomes so complicated from day to day.” And it affected their music, “The music got louder,” he says, “We wanted to scream and play. You look at everyone else and imagine them gone. It’s tragic, but that’s true. It changed my ways and priorities.”

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