A Quick Chat With Musician Todd Kerns

“If you have a solid fan base from the beginning, new people will pick you up all the time,” says Todd Kerns, who, after banding and disbanding a few times, has embarked on the road once again with his latest album, Go Time.

“This is a great time in Canadian music. The parameters are suddenly wide open. I think we can all make this work for us, and we can be successful universally if our fan base at home is solid.”

Having worked with Reed Shimozawa of Zuckerbaby on this album while managing to preserve his artistic integrity by signing onto Bif Naked’s label, Her Majesty’s Records, Todd says, “There should always be a new approach to the music you make, and you must consider your influences. That’s why the next generation picks up a guitar and turntables. I’m just making music and I’m going to continue doing what I do.”


Photo courtesy of Her Majesty’s Records

Todd Kerns’ video for “It’s Not You It’s Me” off his album Go Time:

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