Quick Home Reno Projects To Prepare For The Holiday Season

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The holidays are right around the corner, so now’s the time to start planning, organizing and preparing for all the upcoming family, work and school events. Add holiday gift shopping, and most people have little-to-no time left to take care of those repairs and upgrades around the home they haven’t gotten around to yet.

The good news is there are many low-cost improvements you can make to your home that can be completed fairly quickly. Focus on the areas of your home where you’ll be entertaining guests and look for any glaring issues. If one of the issues is that they look dated, you can make them look stylish almost overnight with the following suggestions.


There are a limitless number of looks you can achieve with paint. Your options include painting over the scuffs and stains, re-painting walls to make them look brand new or adding a bold design element to your space like an accent wall or painting the floor in a checkerboard or stripe pattern.

Along with painting the rooms your guests will spend the most time, you might want to consider painting your entranceway as well. Spruce it up with holiday decorations on the night of your party, and your guests will have a first great impression of your home.

With painting being a low-cost improvement, especially if you’re only painting a part of your home, you have the option to hire house painters in Markham and enjoy the benefits of a professional paint job that will impress visitors for years to come.

Cleaning Up the Bathrooms

Dirt and old, dingy-looking fixtures really stand out in bathrooms. They see a lot of traffic over the course of an evening from guests who have no choice but to look around and notice any imperfections and needed repairs. Here are a few improvements you can make in your bathrooms to revitalize them:

  • Replace the doorknob. If it hasn’t been replaced in a long time, a bathroom doorknob can look dated and permanently stained.
  • Clean the grout. Your tile floor looks new again with clean grout. You can buy grout cleaner and add sealer after cleaning to protect it and keep it looking clean longer.
  • Replace the toilet seat. A toilet seat is something we all notice as we enter a bathroom. If yours has seen better days, a new, cushioned toilet seat can transform a toilet from a safety hazard into a luxurious amenity.
  • Get rid of the old shower rod and curtain. It can be easy to forget about the shower rod and curtain in a bathroom you don’t use. If they no longer look sanitary, replace them and use a curved shower rod for a more modern look that gives your guests more room in the shower.

Remodel Your Kitchen Without Remodeling Your Kitchen

There are a few upgrades you can make to your kitchen that provide a relatively large impact on the look of your kitchen. The most common include changing the lighting fixtures and faucets, replacing the backsplash and refacing kitchen cabinets with new doors or handles. Kitchens end up as a hangout spot during a party, so you want yours to look its best.

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