A Quick Look At Crystal Meth

Active Agent

Methamphetamine (or Meth) is a strong stimulant medication. Although methamphetamine has valid medical use in the treatment of narcolepsy, street forms are known as “speed,” or “crystal” when swallowed or snorted, or “crank” when injected and “ice” when smoked.


The effects of methamphetamines are those of a powerful stimulant. Although there is some euphoria and a feeling of invincibility, nervousness, insomnia, and hypertension are typical side effects also. Palpitations and sweating are common. Amphetamines have been used by people who need to stay awake, such as truckers or students. When not injected, addiction is rare. Chronic use may be associated with irritability, cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding into the brain), cerebral vasculitis, or even rarely psychosis.

Addiction Potential

Physical – low. Psychological – moderate.

Method of Use

Oral Methamphetamine use was the typical route of entry. However IV injection, snorting and smoking became more popular in the last ten years, and addiction risk and dangers have increased with these methods.


Medical use as stimulant, way stronger than coffee.


Illegal. Duck when the pterodactyls swoop down to get you after using this drug too much.

Additional Information

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