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Raine Maida Remains Committed To Making A Difference

It can be argued that over the last couple of years Raine Maida has become as well known for his work with several charitable organizations as he has for his band Our Lady Peace.

Maida has raised thousands of dollars for War Child Canada, which has directly led to rebuilding a school and contributing to the education of children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Furthermore, his official website (not working as of 2019 so try his Twitter) has become a haven for supplying information to young activists, as its Links page includes easy pathways for people to explore the work being done within organizations like Make Poverty History, Apathy is Boring, and Race for Dignity.

“I feel like I’m living it–it’s not rhetoric for me, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and my kids will see that,” explains Maida. “Most artists will say that it’s the struggle that you embrace–that’s what makes you an artist. Once you become successful, you’re able to take on other things that continue to be a struggle in your life. It’s not about money; it’s about being true and representing yourself. It’s better to do something than nothing.”

Raine Maida

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