Getting Ready For The Big Day: Advice For Brides-To-Be

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Congratulations! You are getting married to your dream guy. When it’s your wedding, there is so much to do. You must look after everything from finding the right venue to deciding on the cake design. Thankfully, your bridesmaids and family are right with you, helping you plan the day. But there is one thing you should not forget while planning the wedding. Yourself! On the wedding day, you are the photographer’s muse. They will be following you to capture the perfect shots. And even the family and friends gathered around will do the same. Not only the bride but even the groom is also the muse of everyone. Thus, looking your best on this day is essential. It means you should groom yourself for the big day, as everyone’s eyes will be on you. So, how can you groom yourself, and what should you focus on? Here is a list


You want to look your best on your wedding day. You want the skin to glow and have no acne, marks, or blackheads. To have the best skin on the wedding day, the groom and bride need to start a skincare regime specific to their skin at least a few weeks before the big day. It gives you enough time to see whether the new skincare works for your skin. If you have a great skincare routine, do not play with it a few weeks earlier, as it will only lead to skin issues. The best way to foray into a skincare regime or work on a concern is to work with a dermatologist. Also, focus on your neck and other body parts; they must look their best.

Hair removal

For women, hair removal is an essential part of grooming. If you have always waxed or shaved, you should try laser hair removal. It is better as it gives a better grooming session than waxing or shaving. It is costlier, but the results last longer. Even grooms can go for laser hair removal for specific concerns. But if you wish to take any laser hair removal service, start at least six months before the wedding. It will give you enough time to take all the sessions to get rid of hair and have shiny skin. Hair removal for men includes a clean shave or getting a beard cut that suits their face. Maintaining that is essential too. So, start a few weeks or months earlier.


Your feet will not be visible, but you should get them groomed too. Oh, the garter tradition and other cultures use feet too. When you exchange rings with your partner, your hands will be visible to everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to groom them perfectly. Take regular manicure and pedicure sessions up until the wedding. A few days before, take the last session and protect your hands from the sun by wearing sunscreen and full-sleeved clothes. If you like dramatic nails, go with nail extensions. Otherwise, you can have simple nails.

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Watch your eating habits

You do not have to change your hair drastically to look incredible. If you are fit and healthy, just maintain that. Also, maintain your weight to ensure you fit into the wedding dress you bought for yourself. There is no need for crash diets. Just work with a nutritionist and a trainer to ensure you eat healthy and work out to maintain your weight.


A facial can give your face an extreme glow, and this is also something you need to start a few weeks earlier. It is better to get facials from a great salon or dermatologist. Otherwise, you will have acne and other facial issues. Both men and women should groom their faces to glow on their wedding day.


It is best to take a massage every 15 days and just a day before the festival begins. There is so much to do, and the pressure can make you tired and stressed. A good massage helps you relieve all the stress and anxiety in your body. It rejuvenates you and is something you should try.

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Apart from these, go for teeth whitening, sort out any other issues you have with your appearance, and more. Check the fit of the dress enough times to ensure everything is perfect on D-day.

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