6 Reasons To Choose Nantucket For Your Next All Girls Vacation

Nothing beats the excitement of getting away with your girl gang. It’s the perfect way to reconnect, recharge, unwind, and get excited about life again. The laughter, inside jokes, nostalgia, and dance parties are what memories are made of.

If you are looking for a vacation that will wow you and your girls, look no further than Nantucket. The quaint island punches above its weight when creating lasting memories with your best girlfriends.

Everything about the ultimate sun and surf destination screams paradise- scenic beaches, picturesque landscapes, endless opportunities for sightseeing and shopping, and of course, over-the-top dining options that your girlfriends will enjoy.

Welcome to Nantucket, ladies! You are guaranteed to love the island’s:

1. Charming Accommodation

An integral part of planning a vacation to Nantucket is figuring out the right accommodation for you and your crew. Nantucket has an assortment of accommodation options, from resorts and hotels to villas and B&Bs.

If you’re traveling as a group, consider staying at a vacation home. Renting a vacation house can be surprisingly affordable compared to booking several hotel rooms. You’ll also have plenty of comfortable spaces like the living room and patio to hang out with your crew and create fun memories.

Also, most vacation houses in Nantucket are located in the residential part of the island, so you get to interact with the locals intimately. It is the best way to explore and feel the island’s charm.

nantucket house villa


2. Stunning Beaches

Beautiful weather year-round? Check. Water sports activities? Check. Picturesque sunsets? Check.

Rimmed by gorgeous beaches on every side, Nantucket is the ideal vacation spot for sun and surf lovers.

If you and your girlfriends are thrill seekers, head to Surfside beach. The south shore gem is a famous spot for body surfing and boogie boarding, thanks to its choppy waves. Keep in mind Surfside gets pretty crowded in summer, so plan your visits early.

Laze on the shores, sink your toes in the pillow soft sound and take in breathtaking sunsets at Madaket beach. Keep in mind the undertow is powerful and the surf is ferocious, so swimming can be dangerous. But if you’re feeling adventurous, dive into the waters with a surfboard.

Another Nantucket gem is Siasconset beach which is a fantastic seal sighting spot. The expansive shoreline features soft tan sand and provides plenty of room to throw a frisbee and build sandcastles.

Grab your surfboard and hit the glassy waves at Cisco beach. It is also home to the famous Nantucket Island Surf School, where you can learn the moves, test your skills on 6-foot swells, and enjoy the surf culture. You can also rent bodyboards, surfboards, wetsuits, and paddleboards.

nantucket lighhouse sunsets
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3. Exotic Dining and Nightlife

Nantucket may be known for its pristine beaches and panoramic views, but its cuisine is fast, making it a top-of-mind culinary destination. The island has a fair share of swanky restaurants and bars. Whether you’re looking to delight in mouthwatering seafood or want a memorable night out with your girls, Nantucket has a lot to offer.

Snag your girlfriends and book a table at the grande Straight Wharf or Oran Mor. Other amazing spots include Cru, American Seasons, The Nautilus, or Brant Point Grill restaurant. The menu is artful, balanced and the flavorful dishes feature fresh produce, seafood, and seasonally inspired New England cuisine. Plus, the prices aren’t eye-watering, so you don’t have to worry about denting your budget.

Nantucket boasts a vibrant nightlife thanks to its exotic selection of bars, which offer innovative drinks, endless merrymaking, and superb music.

No trip to the island is complete without a visit to Cisco Brewers. Make plans to stop and sample their innovative drinks, including locally brewed beer such as the grey lady wheat ale, shark tracker light lager, and grapefruit IPA. There’s also an assortment of craft cocktails, wines, and spirits.

One of the island’s must-visit bistros is the Cru Oyster Bar, an upscale drinking den with Billionaires Row and the Nantucket harbor as its backdrop. On the outdoor patio, cocktails flow freely, punctuated by clinking glasses, friendly chatter, and soft music – the experience is unmissable and unforgettable!

4. Snap-worthy Spots

Picturesque might be an understatement here: Nantucket is easily one of the most captivating places in New England, with a slew of alluring spots that can inspire wanderlust with a single pic. Few places perfectly capture Nantucket’s essence, like its picturesque lighthouses: Brant Point Lighthouse, Sankaty Head Light, and Great point lighthouse.

When looking for the perfect backdrop for your girls’ crew photo, The Nantucket Boat Basin is sure to impress. The full-service marina is dotted with waterfront restaurants and various vessels, including beautiful yachts and boats that converge on the harbor.

Cisco and Madaket beaches offer some of the best sunset photography. In contrast, the Sconset bluff walk – with the insanely gorgeous rose-covered cottages, scenic trail, and panoramic views of the beach is the ideal backdrop for a photo with your crew.

Pause at the historic yet alluring Nantucket’s Compass Rose for a selfie, then head to Steps Beach and take in the lush, serene landscape and natural beauty. Don’t forget to snap some swoon-worthy shots while at the steps.

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5. Unique Shopping Stores

Suppose you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe or shop for souvenirs. In that case, there are several boutiques, art galleries, and clothing stores to suit every taste. For signature designs and quirky prints featuring the famous Nantucket Reds, head over to Murray’s Toggery Shop. You’ll also find good quality men’s, ladies’, and kids’ clothes, including accessories.

Step into the charming Peter Beaton Hat Studio and add novelty to your outfit or keep the sun out with one of their beautifully braided straw hats. The Craftmasters of Nantucket also serves up one-of-a-kind collectibles, including nautical-themed items, scrimshaw accessories, money clips, cufflinks, and leather specialty products.

When it comes to dresses, Salt boutique is the go-to spot for beachy wear, including skirts, crop tops, dresses, jumpsuits, and more from a variety of notable brands.

6. Exclusive Cruises

Let your hair down, throw caution to the wind and go on a Nantucket tour aboard a private charter. Nantucket is taking sailing to a new level with its top-tier sailing cruises such as the ACK Sail, Endeavor Sailing Excursion, and Shearwater Excursions.

These cruise lines offer group or private tours, lessons on Nantucket’s maritime history, and fishing expeditions. Soak in the island’s charm, the ocean breeze, heart-stopping views, crashing surf, serene burnt-orange sunsets, and toast to good times with friends.

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