5 Reasons to Choose Porcelain for Your Counters

kitchen counters porcelain counter top
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Your kitchen counters are one of the most noticed and utilized aspects of your home, so they deserve a quality option that can make a statement and endure a lot of use. Not only does porcelain offer many features that make it an ideal material for kitchen use, but it also holds a striking beauty.

1)     Heat Endurance

If you’ve ever owned a countertop that can’t take the heat, you know how frustrating it is to constantly require a trivet every time you need to set down a hot dishquickly. This situation is a recipe for disaster because you know that one day someone who doesn’t realize the danger of ruining your counter with a hot item will come along and unsuspectingly leave an unsightly mark.

With the option of porcelain, you won’t ever need to worry about hot dishes sitting on your counter again. Porcelain is heat resistant due to the high temperatures used in its fabrication, so that it won’t get damaged by heat like other less resilient surfaces.

2)     Size Options and Versatility

Porcelain is easy to manufacture and highly durable, so selecting this material will allow you to opt for a thinner surface than is possible with other types of counters. You can also order porcelain slabs in Toronto in almost any custom fit to meet the exact size requirements of your kitchen. This way, your countertop can be made intoone single elegant piece.

3)     Non-Porous

In the case of many materials, water damage can easily occur. This is because materials like wood are porous, so they allow water absorption to occur which can damage or destroy your counter. Porcelain is water-resistant, with an incredibly low absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Your investment will be protected from spills or leaks, which is pretty crucial for an item that is situated beside your kitchen or bathroom sink!

4)     Low Maintenance

Because porcelain is a dense and non-porous material, it is incredibly easy to clean. Given that your kitchen and bathroom are the rooms of your home that get the messiest, this feature is essential.

In the short term, you’ll spend less time tidying up than you would with other options. In the long term, porcelain requires virtually no maintenance at all. You won’t have to worry about the condition of your counter when life gets in the way.

kitchen counters porcelain counter top

5)     Durable

If you’re someone that loves to cook, you’re likely going to use your kitchen counter almost every day of the year. If you opt for a cheap alternative, you’ll find that your investment has been wasted after your kitchen countertops wear out quickly.

While porcelain might carry a higher initial cost, that investment will payout in the long run due to its high durability and hardness. Porcelain counters don’t just look fantastic; they are built to last. They are also UV resistant, so you won’t have to worry about damage caused by sunlight.

If you’re in the market for a new counter for your kitchen, bathrooms or any other surface of your home, contact a porcelain manufacturer to hear more about the options available to you.

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