Reasons Why Restrictive Diets Do More Harm Than Good

One morning, you have decided that you must lose weight. There are only 2 cardinal methods of getting rid of extra pounds — fasting and a strict diet. Everyone is used to the fact that if you starve for a certain time, you will lose excess weight, and the body will be cleansed of impurities and toxins. Let’s try to understand: are fasting and strict diets good for our health?

Restrictive Diets Weight Measurement
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In the first place, we recommend you calm down and try to evaluate the situation objectively. So, open and consider some products that will help you relax and investigate the tricky, often controversial matter of dieting.

Should fasting be considered for weight loss?

Fasting has become popular thanks to the fashionable craze for Eastern religions and yoga in the 80s of the 20th century. But for some reason, no one pays attention to the fact that yogis have been preparing the body for this intense stress for a long time by eating food rich in vitamins and nutrients.

There is a large amount of evidence for the use of fasting in medical practice, however, there are also numerous contraindications. Fasting is extremely harmful to people with tuberculosis, diseases of the thyroid gland, digestive tract, and increased excitability. Starvation has many life-threatening side effects. In addition, fasting is an unpleasant process.

The most dangerous form of fasting is dry fasting: a person also refuses to drink liquids, which leads to the accumulation of toxic substances that are excreted during normal fasting with liquids.

Today, nutritionists advise abandoning fasting as a means of losing weight completely and choosing a balanced diet for weight loss. Of course, the effect will be achieved over a longer period, however, under favorable conditions for the body. And most importantly, the results will last much longer.

What about strict diets?

Restrictive Diets Weight Measurement
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A strict diet differs from fasting in that it is allowed to get 50–100 kcal with food every day. The menu comes out with a rather limited set of products. A strict diet does not cause serious harm to health, only for the first 2 weeks. However, is it necessary? Despite the formed opinion, a strict diet gives a rather insignificant effect.

The shortness of time, as well as the unusual set of products for the digestive tract, which are allowed to be consumed while following it, unfortunately, do not create conditions for the normalization of eating habits. And accordingly, the weight lost during the diet will return very soon.

The main reason for weight loss when following a strict diet is a rapid decrease in the body’s water and glycogen content, as well as a small amount of protein, which causes a person to lose weight by 3-5 kg ​​already during the first week, and then by another 2-3 kg after the second week. But after replenishing the lack of glycogen and water, the lost weight returns. In addition, after such a strict diet, people eat more, which causes even more deposition of fat reserves, which means weight gain.

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