Reasons Why You Need A Discrimination Attorney

Discrimination Attorney

If you’ve experienced discrimination at the workplace, you may be wondering whether you should hire a discrimination attorney. Discrimination cases are a great way to hold employers responsible for violating employment laws. There are ways to stop this behavior from occurring, but it may be wise to consider hiring an attorney to fight for your rights.

Types of Discrimination Cases

Employment discrimination cases are designed for individuals who fall under one or more categories under federal and state laws. The good news is that employees are protected under the law when it comes to discrimination in the workplace. Types of employment discrimination cases include:

  • Disability discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Gender and sex discrimination
  • FMLC discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Race discrimination
  • Workplace retaliation

Employer discrimination doesn’t just occur in particular industries. It can occur to any employee at any level, performing any type of work. However, these cases are typically challenging, since employers will usually take on the battle of defeating the employee. The employer will usually hire their own attorney. The best way to fight for your rights against an employer is to hire a discrimination attorney in San Diego. This assures that you receive optimal results for the pain and suffering you’ve endured.

Types of evidence required for workplace discrimination include:

  • Text messages
  • Emails
  • Disciplinary forms
  • Recordings
  • Termination documents
  • Employment contract (if you have one)

Benefits of Hiring a Discrimination Attorney

The benefits of hiring a discrimination attorney are endless. Here are several ways you could benefit from their help:

Knowledgeable & Experienced

It is just not possible to succeed in a discrimination case with just one accusation. You must have evidence that is extremely detailed and properly presented in order to build a strong case. A discrimination attorney has the experience and knowledge of the law to build a case against your employer on your behalf.

Communication & Leadership Skills

Most of the time, employers who discriminate will also harass and bully the employee. Employment lawyers are equipped with both leadership and communication skills to take on these employers and advocate for you throughout the entire process.

Successful Track Record with Related Cases

Discrimination cases require an experienced attorney with a proven track record. This assures you of receiving the best outcome. The same rule applies when you go to see a doctor after becoming sick or injured. You are always going to want to have an excellent attorney on your side when you are battling a legal issue.

Discrimination cases can take several months, up to a year, or even longer. This really just depends on the circumstances surrounding your case, as every discrimination case is different. You have 300 days to file a discrimination case under federal law or through your state from the date the discrimination occurred. Additionally, whether your case goes to trial or whether it can be solved via negotiations will impact the duration of the case.

Final Word

Experiencing discrimination in the workplace is something that no one deserves. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t occur. If you ever experience discrimination by your employer, you have the legal right to resolve it. Choose an attorney that is going to fight aggressively for you and make sure that your case has a strong foundation. This ensures that your employer is held responsible for inappropriate behavior.

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