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10 Reasons Women Should Choose A Career In STEM

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When you think of STEM careers, you probably imagine high-tech, advanced roles. More often than not, this is the case, as STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

While any gender can enjoy a long and fulfilling STEM career, many of the fields are male-dominated. So, if you’re a woman, why not add a little diversity to those workplaces? Here are ten reasons why you should.

1. The Range of Careers

There isn’t a shortage of STEM careers. From civil engineering to data analytics, the amount of variation in these roles is huge, which allows you to choose a career that appeals to you. For example, if you’re a wildlife enthusiast with a knack for science, you could become an agricultural scientist.

Other STEM careers appeal to those great at mathematics, such as statistics. If you’re interested in becoming a statistician, consider Michigan tech applied statistics for your career advancement. Not only does it provide all the knowledge and skills you need to thrive in the role, but it also allows you to study from home.

2. It is Satisfying

Many STEM careers provide workdays that are full to the brim with research, analysis, communications, and breakthroughs. Plus, you often get to work with the latest developments in tech. Who doesn’t want to be on the front-line of innovation and discovery?

When working in a STEM field, not only do you get to work in exciting fields like computer science and engineering, but the work itself is often highly satisfying with impactful results.

3. It Provides a High Salary

If you want to earn a high salary, then look no further than a STEM career. By becoming a civil engineer, you could earn an average of $86K per year, and if you decide to become a

Basically, most careers that involve technical skills like mathematics, technology, and science will provide a salary to match the knowledge. Perfect for intelligent women who want to earn a lucrative salary!

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4. To Bring More Diversity into the Workplace

Many STEM careers have workforces that consist mainly of men. While all of those male workers will have worked hard to achieve their brilliant careers in science, tech, or mathematics, there is still plenty of room for women to fill, too. Plus, more diversity in the workplace is never a bad thing.

By bringing more women into STEM, the workplaces can benefit from a more well-rounded perspective from a variety of people. If you decide to pursue a role in STEM, you actively contribute to that beneficial change.

5. Opportunities to Work from Home

Not every STEM career provides the opportunity to work from home, but many do, and this can be endlessly beneficial. For example, many tech jobs, such as software development, work mainly from a computer, allowing you to pick up your work wherever you are. There are plenty of benefits to working from a computer/laptop, including –

  • The chance to travel while you work
  • You can choose your work environment
  • More time for family
  • Reduced travel costs

So, if you are interested in a technology-focused job, you may be able to reap the benefits that come from working from home.

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6. There Are Plenty of Jobs

Job security is high on the list of things to look out for when choosing a career. After all, you don’t want to study hard for many years only to discover how difficult it is to land a role, qualified or not. Luckily, many STEM careers are in high demand, ensuring you’re likely to find a suitable career once you finish your studies.

In fact, there are even some STEM careers that actively need more people to apply for roles, as there are many that don’t get filled. So, while studying for a STEM career is often hard work, the payoff is often waiting for you on the other side.

7. The Gender Pay Gap Isn’t as High

It’s an unfortunate truth that the gender pay gap exists in America. While hopefully, this will one day close completely, you do have the benefit of a smaller gap in many STEM careers. By putting in the work to achieve a prestigious role as an environmental scientist, chemical engineer, or mathematician, you deserve a lucrative salary that isn’t trumped by someone else’s who is doing the same role.

8. The Transferable Skills

Many STEM skills are transferable, allowing you to change careers even after years in a certain field. For example, mathematics skills help you in many areas, including data analysis, science, and even music. Some of the other transferable skills include:

  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership

So, as a STEM student, not only will your skills transfer well into your daily life, but you’ll also have a resume to die for.

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9. Little Competition

There is no denying that many STEM careers require a lot of hard work. Many ask for years and years of study, and while that might seem extensive, it means that there’s little competition at the other end. By being a woman who thrives in science, mathematics, technology, or engineering, you can develop your skills over several years until you are an extremely hireable candidate.

10. To Inspire Young Girls

Many young girls who would naturally be into science, mathematics, technology, or engineering might be put off by the absence of women in those fields. It’s important, then, to show those young people that you can pursue whatever career you want regardless of your gender. You never know, by becoming a civil engineer or a computer scientist, you might inspire one little girl to study hard in school, apply to their dream college, and become a high achiever in STEM just like yourself.

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There are many STEM careers out there for intelligent, hard-working women who want an advanced and lucrative career. So, if you are a mathematics, science, technology, or engineering enthusiast, consider applying to a STEM degree and pursuing your dream role.

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